From battling with PCOS, cystic acne and the quest for all natural solutions to common wellness and skincare concerns, CHIOMA founder and CEO, Ebele Chioma, details her journey and the story that has inspired the vision and mission of CHIOMA.

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After years as a wellness and beauty entrepreneur, I was inspired to start CHIOMA because I believe there is a need for clean and truly authentic products. Growing up in West Africa, I was fortunate to be immersed in a culture that celebrated natural healing and beautification rituals. My goal is to share some of these beautiful rituals with the world.

– Ebele Chioma, Esthetician, Chartered Herbalist & Entrepreneur

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I’m 19, I started this after i tried different birth controls to regulate my cycle and clear my skin. my body felt horrible all of the time. so i took a risk and bought asana! (im really into all natural remedies now)
I started with 2 pills daily because i felt i needed it bad, after 4 weeks i switched to 1 pill daily.
for the first time since i was 10 my cycle has been regular!!! & no more cramps!!


One of the best products I have ever taken!!!!. This helped my PCOS so much, helped clear my skin 100% and my hair on my face & body completely reduced a whole lot. My periods came on time every month. I always had so much energy taking this and always in a happy mood. It actually helped with my anxiety and I also noticed it helped me with my weight, I started to lose some weight. I totally recommend anyone who is struggling with PCOS and irregular menstral cycles to take this. Life changer!! For sure.

Perla Moraza

I was running low on this a month ago and I switched to just taking one pill a day and skipping weekends to preserve it and man, did i notice a difference. I felt awful with awful mood swings. I couldn’t re-order this stuff fast enough because I need it to feel normal from suffering from awful side effects of PCOS. I highly recommend to anyone who feels slightly inbalanced from their hormones. Life saver!