In this article we explore 5 cleansing herbs to detox the whole body so you feel refreshed and support wellbeing.

Top 5 Cleansing Herbs To Detox The Whole Body

Herbs can offer many benefits for the body and have been used since ancient times and across many cultures for healing, cleansing and purification. In herbal medicine herbs are classified based on the primary functions they effect on the body. These functions occur due to the nature and chemical components of the herbs.

When it comes to cleansing, detoxifying and purifying the body, herbalists typically lean towards herbs that function as diuretics, diaphoretics, expectorants and laxatives. Herbs with diuretic properties help to increase the flow of urine; diaphoretics increase sweating; expectorants support the expulsion of mucus; and laxatives support elimination of matter from the liver, gall and digestive tracts.

The top 5 cleansing herbs to detox the whole body act as agents to support major systems of the body in expelling unwanted matter to keep you healthy.

Black Walnut

May help to cleanse the body of parasites and other toxins

Milk Thistle

May help to cleanse the liver and detox the body

Dandelion Root

May help to flush out the kidneys and liver and remove excess waste

Burdock root

May help to cleanse and purify the blood and filter waste

Ginger Root

May help to stimulate lymphatic flow and support colon & gut cleansing

If you’re looking for a preblended herbal infusion that includes most of the major cleansing herbs to detox the whole body, we have a few prepacked options for you. These herbal tea blends have been crafted by our herbalists and offer a ready to make option to cleanse and detox the body.

Our CHIOMA Detox & Cleanse Kit has been blended with the intention of cleansing and detoxing the whole body.


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