5 Ladies Night Ideas to Make This Summer the Hottest Yet! 

Nothing can beat a good night out with your favorite girlfriends in town. It is always nice to catch up with the girls for something fun to do. It’s the end of summer and what better to do than heat up the last of the sweltering summer nights with the girls!

You have probably done the same thing repeatedly over the past few night outs and running out of ideas. After turning to Cosmopolitan and About.com for some tips, check out the following 5 must-dos to inject that exciting and exhilarating vibe back into you and stir up the night with the girls!

Ladies night ideas you can really sink your heels into

1) Glam up as the uptown girls

It is easy to fall in love with living a luxurious life, so just for one night try living it. Gather your girlfriends at a girl’s home and doll up together before hitting the pave with those sexy heels and get a limo. Choose a restaurant or bar with THE view of the city.

Just for this one special night, splash out and treat yourselves into ordering the most expensive food on the menu (go to a less luxurious restaurant and still order the most expensive item if you are on a budget) and the creamiest cake as dessert.

Snap a photo with all the upper class food laid out to remember this night as living like the uptown girls.
the girls of Manhattan

2) Whip up a summer treat

Go to the supermarket and cart around, throwing in the ingredients you need to turn your kitchen upside down with some baking going on! Shopping for the spice and sugar is bound to bring an adventure when carting down the aisles shelved with goodies.

At home, put on those frilly aprons to match the occasion and begin! Try coming up with your own recipes and experiment it together.

Make some icy summer delights to enjoy the night if it is sultry out, or do the fruity dessert and make it the tropical night. Homemade desserts can guarantee that licking off the bowl experience and who knows maybe you girls can even whip up the next must-try dessert!

3) The home-staged fashion show

For ladies night ideas, why not put together a fashion show to show off each other’s wardrobe and be reminded of this summer’s colors, prints and style! Set a theme, perhaps a swimwear show and get the girls to bring all the bikinis, beach towels, and shades for the runway.

Try to set up the lights and music in the living room to create the right atmosphere. Have a DJ (probably taking turns at that) playing live music straight from YouTube for any songs to match that particular girlfriend’s character.

Then while sipping some homemade juice, enjoy as this summers’ coral bandeaus, jewel bikinis, and leopard print bikinis heat up the night.

4) Do the rando spree!

There’s certainly no planning needed for this ladies night surprise! Scour Facebook or through magazines to randomly choose something you girls have never done before or go somewhere you have never been to before.

Pinpoint the fun happenings on that night and relish on that excitement in knowing you will be in for a surprise.

It can be anything from a poolside party or a special DJ night to getting your palms read on the streets. Yes there’s the risk that it may not turn out as you expected, but with those girls you chose to do this with, it is still fun to laugh back at this night with someone beginning with: “Do you remember that night we went there and did that random thing?” Of course we do hope the night will turn out to be a blast!

 5) Cuddle up for the classic sleepover

A sleepover is always a classic. They are a promise of a relaxed and cozy night; it is like that old movie you have watched a million times but keep returning to whenever nothing good is showing on TV. All you need are your girlfriends and a home and you’re good to go!

The good thing about sleepovers is that it is laid back, so you can practically do whatever that comes to mind. Lie out on the sofa and watch romantic-comedies while the popcorn is popping if it feels like a lazy night.

Put on some moisturizing masks and do some manicures while gossiping is bound to bring another good night.

Home also means it’s a place full of great memories, flip through those old photo albums and laugh at those shirts-tucked-into-jeans style or the thick-rimmed glasses.

Coo over the cute boys in class and remind each other of those first loves and the sweet college life. Then wake up tangled up in each other’s arms and legs.

If there are some sizzling fun ideas we missed out for a great ladies night ideas, please share in the comment box below

Cherrie is a writer who loves writing tips on living life to its fullest. She writes for a bakery & cafe and spends her free time writing up stories and traveling.

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