Wellness & Beauty Rooted in Tradition



Welcome to CHIOMA (CHEE-OMA), collectively we are CHIOMA Company. We aspire to help our communities live better lives through holistic products and services inspired by our African roots and tailored to the demanding needs of today’s lifestyle. My name is Ebele Chioma, founder and CEO. Growing up in West Africa, I was immersed in a plethora of holistic and traditional rituals to enhance wellbeing. I am excited to share these indigenous wellness and beauty rituals with the world.

Founder's Story

Our Spaces

The CHIOMA Spa aspires to make spa services an accessible, affordable and luxurious daily regimen of the modern life. Our beautiful, carefully designed spaces are crafted to blend ancient remedies and offer an escape from today’s busy lifestyle.

Oménani – Our Values

At CHIOMA, who we are as a company, the products we make and the service we deliver to our guests are centered around three simple principles.

Our value system or Oménani as we say, aims to foster an environment of hospitality; honor and embrace ‘Ani’, the Earth Mother, and all the natural resources she has provided to us; and make conscious decisions to practice self care that keep us in good ‘Chi’ or a healthy state of wellbeing.


Honor and Embrace ‘Ani’- The Earth Mother

Oath to Self Care – good ‘Chi’

Our Heritage

The CHIOMA name and cultural roots hails from the Igbo community of Eastern Nigeria and means ‘to be in good spirits’, ‘a healthy state of wellbeing’. The name fits the heart and core of what we are as a company. Our traditions are rich in herbal secrets that promote a state of wellbeing and connectedness with nature. At CHIOMA, we aspire to celebrate, honor and showcase the beauty of these traditions.

Customer Love Letters


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