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Welcome to CHIOMA (CHEE-OMA), CHIOMA Nutrition & CHIOMA Spa collectively we are CHIOMA Company and we provide natural solutions for your inner and outer beauty. We are at the intersection where wellness and beauty meets, and where balanced hormones, clear skin, better sleep, better mood and more energy is possible. Our products and services are inspired by our heritage, ancient wisdom and modern science. We aspire to be a part of your regular self care so you can feel your best and have the vitality to do more. 

The CHIOMA Total Babe

is bold, free spirited, adventurous, sophisticated and timeless. Rooted in authentic self and culture, embraces nature and finds beauty in diversity and new experiences. Makes self care a priority, has daily rituals and understands that true wealth lies in being at their best. 

Founder's Story

Our Products

Our carefully curated lines of wellness and natural cosmetics at CHIOMA uses unique ingredients, active botanicals, healing clays, aromatic oils and blend ancient remedies with modern science. 

Shop of product variety which includes: supplements, tinctures, gourmet wellness teas, women’s support products, adaptogenic cocoas, electric mushrooms, superfoods, ginseng, mood tonics, sleep helpers, clean beauty, handmade soaps and more!



Spaces & Self Care Studio

Our self care studios blend modern apothecary, beauty shop and holistic West African inspired boutique spa in one offering a unique total body approach to wellness and self care. The concept is centered on ancient rituals of cleansing and rejuvenating the body as a way to refresh and relax. Try our signature sweat detox – cleanses, leaves you relaxed and with soft, glowing skin.

Oménani – Our Heritage and Ethos

The CHIOMA name and inspiration hails from the Igbo community of Eastern Nigeria and means ‘to be in good spirits’, ‘a healthy state of wellbeing’.  Our value system or Oménani as we say, aims to foster an environment of hospitality; honor and embrace ‘Ani’, Mother Nature, all the natural resources she has provided to us and develop sustainable, zero waste practices that preserve her beauty; and lastly make conscious decisions to practice self care that keep us in good ‘Chi’ or a healthy state of wellbeing.


Honor and Embrace ‘Ani’- Mother Nature

Oath to Self Care – good ‘Chi’

Customer Love Letters


“I’ve been a customer for some time now and I just love their products. I’ve noticed a difference in my mood and energy levels. Their products are amazing and I love that they support my feminine health”


“Asana LadiesBalance has completely changed my life!! I felt a difference right away after starting the capsules on my energy, mood and skin! And most of all my cycles are regular.”

Can’t go a day without!

FINALLY! An all-natural product that is able to regulate my hormones and clear-up my hormonal acne! I cannot and will not go a day without my Asana pills!