from Africa with Love

seriously the freshest, purest, Grade A shea butter. 

BeautyMadeFresh is an inspiration from our West African roots. Growing up with abundance of pure, authentic shea butter, we experienced the many wonderful and healing properties of this botanical gold.

At BeautyMadeFresh, we handcraft all natural shea butter based beauty products to enhance your beauty and well being. What you get is yummy, delicious skin that’s good enough to eat. 

Founded in 2017 in Dallas, Texas, we made it our mission to support our customers seeking natural remedies to look and feel their best. Our team is small and passionate about bringing transparency and authenticity to the shea butter world and beauty manufacturing. We all work together to deliver a world class experience to our customers. 

Our 5 Star Shea Butters are harvested from the driest regions of the African Savannah where the best shea nut trees grows in abundance. We work with family and local, African farmers who have been cultivating shea butter for many of years to harvest the best 5 Star Shea Butter. The butters are then shipped to our North American facilities where they are cleaned and purified via a patented and meticulous process to filter out impurities without losing the inherent vitamins and nutritious goodies of the shea, keeping the shea fresher longer and resulting in 5 star, Grade A shea butter.

What separates 5 Star Shea Butter from many other shea butters on the market is we do not cut corners by mixing our products with beeswax or other cheap materials.

We also take extra care in cleaning and filtering the shea because we believe this is when the true beauty and healing of the butter is unleashed. Shea butter that is not properly cleaned can be loaded with contaminants that not only affect the quality of effectiveness, but worse it can also lead to problems for your skin. When you buy 5 Star Shea Butter from BeautyMadeFresh, you can be sure to enjoy the following 

Baked to perfection ~ BeautyMadeFresh
  • Freshness. We ship in small batches to keep our products fresh.
  • Assurance. That you are only getting authentic and pure products. We will never cut corners and focus on delivering only the best to our customers.
  • No junk ingredients. Absolutely no fillers, no artificial preservatives or artificial ingredients. We believe that nature knows best and products in their organic state simply work better! Feel the difference and fall in love.
  • Ethically sourced and sustainable. We work directly with local farmers and support the economic development of the communities that we work with. This is at the heart and mission of BeautyMadeFresh. As owners with roots in West Africa, it is important to us to see our local communities thrive.

  • 5 Star customer service. In the African tradition hospitality is huge part of the culture. This is a part of the tradition we carry into the business and we believe our customers are family. You can expect nothing less than world class customer service and we do it because we love what we do and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

We like to back up what we say because we truly believe in our products. That is why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products and full refund. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 14 days of purchase and an exchange within the first 30 days of purchase. That’s how much we believe you will love our products.

We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to the opportunity to serve you and beyond.