Developing a regimen is so important because many skin care products need time and consistent use to show effects on the skin especially if you have a condition that you are looking to treat.

Something that I have learned over the years is that the simpler the regimen the better, not only for my time and wallet but also for my skin. With so many products out there pitching to do this and that, it can be so easy and tempting to start piling on the products in hopes that all of them working together will provide a miracle.

Well this is often not the case, and I have found that a too-complicated beauty regimen often makes the whole process feel equivalent to a dreaded house chore and staying consistent becomes a bit difficult.

A basic skin care regimen will consist of the following five steps and can be customized to fit any individual need:


Cleansers help to remove oil, dirt and other build up on the skin. For oily, acne prone skin, this is the most essential step. A good cleanser should clean the skin without being too harsh and stripping the skin too much of its own natural oils.


The goal of this product is to bring ph balance back to the skin. While the goal of cleansing is to remove oil and dirt, certain cleansers can alter the natural ph balance of the skin and that is why using a toner afterwards is often recommended. Maintaining proper ph balance is important for other skin care products to work.

Certain serums that are used to correct issues such as blemishes or dark spots work best when the skin is neither to acidic or alkaline, and using a toner helps to maximize their benefits. This step may not be necessary, it is really dependent on the product system in which you are currently using. If the system requires a toner, it is best to use one and even better to use the toner suggested by the system.


This is one of the most necessary steps in maintaining and promoting heathy skin. Our skin sheds dead skin cells constantly and the act of exfoliating is the process of aiding your body to removal these dead cells to unveil new, healthy skin. With exfoliation, the key is to find a proper balance. Too much of it can leave the skin feeling and looking raw and leathery and too little can make skin appear dull and increase chances of blemishes and other skin problems.


Masks are often loaded with ingredients that nourish the skin and boost treatments of certain skin conditions. Due to the potency of these products, they are meant to be applied for a short period and washed off. Masks should be done at least on a weekly basis and can help to maintain the health and youthful glow of the skin if done consistently.


Usually in the form of a serum, gel or liquid. The purpose of this product is to address and correct skin blemishes or other concerns.


Add moisture and hydrate the skin. Good moisturizers can also act as protectants and help to minimize germs and toxins from penetrating the skin.

The skin care regimen will also vary during the time of the day. In the mornings, I tend to keep things as simple as possible so my skin does not feel heavy. This will usually consist of cleansing followed by my toner and a moisturizer with sunscreen. At night, I tend to incorporate steps 3 and 4.  All in all, the whole purpose of developing a skin care regimen is to find what works for you and to stick with it.

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