Natural oils can be a great way to keep oily skin moisturized while combating excess oils. The objective is finding the best oils for acne prone skin that will not clog the pores.

Contrary to the popular belief, topical oils are not necessarily bad for acne prone skin. As someone who has suffered from acne and excessive oily skin all my life, I always had the notion that to prevent blemishes and tame oily skin, oils and moisturizers should be avoided at all cost because they made me oilier. I also had the tendency to use cleansers which left my face extremely dry.

I quickly tossed out this notion when my skin started looking leathery, peeling from dryness and ironically the oiliness worsened.

The fact is, oils are naturally produced by the skin to maintain elasticity and protect it from the harshness of the environment.

The problem with oily skin and blemish sufferers is the tendency for our sebaceous glands to overproduce oils which attracts dirt and bacteria that clogs the pores.

This excess oil production is often caused by hormonal issues, genetics, diet as well as topical skin care and cosmetic products.

The reality is that if the skin is stripped of its natural oils, it tends to overcompensate for the loss by producing more oil. That is why the use of harsh or drying products are usually worsens the problem as they cause the skin to produce more oil. This also explains why using light, natural oils can help to keep oil production at bay.

I personally like to mix argan oil with my facial serum as a moisturizing agent. And weekly to deep clean my skin, I apply argan oil all over my skin prior to using my Clarisonic facial brush and cleanser. This not only keeps my skin looking and feeling so soft, but I have come to find out that my skin is less shiny throughout the day.

If you’re looking for light oils that do not clog the pores, here are some of my top picks.

Best oils for acne prone skin

1) Jojoba oil

2) Argan oil

3) Tea Tree oil

4) Grapeseed oil

5) Emu oil

6) Safflower oil

7) Castor Oil

Have you had any experience with any of these oils or can you recommend other best oils for acne prone skin? Please share in the comment box below

3 thoughts on “7 Noncomedogenic and Best Oils for Acne Prone Skin

  1. Amanda says:

    I personally tried a Jojoba and Castor oil cleansing method which caused my mild acne to turn severe and cystic, taking about a year to recover from. Just a reminder to those that it may be wise to try new methods on a small area of your face for a while to see how your skin decides to react 🙂

    • Belle says:

      Hi Amanda, that is a great tip and I certainly agree. It is a great idea to try any new product or beauty treatment on a small portion of your face as you never know how your skin might react. With the oil cleansing method, you apply the oil to your face and wipe away and that’s it. Personally, I never felt comfortable with just doing that. But I found that by following up with a facial cleanser after the oil cleansing, I am able to get a deep pore cleansing that leaves my face glowing.

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