Are you struggling with stubborn area? Or seeking for a painless way to speed up the inch loss? You can choose CHIOMA BodyCon Spa for non invasive treatments body shaping treatments. We offer a broad range of solutions including ultrasonic cavitation and thermal shock body contouring Dallas to fulfill your needs affordable and with the best results.

We are committed to making your weight loss journey effective and fast without strenuous exercises and restrictive diet plans.

We offer natural products and treatments to help you shed stubborn fat sustainably. Our body services include signature Sweat and Sculpt Detox, Lipo Sculpt Max Body Contouring, Cavitation Sculpt Body Contouring, Cryo Thermal Shock Body Sculpt, Body Tightening, Sweet Peach Butt Lift, Anti-Cellulite, Tone-Body Muscle Sculpting, and many more.

Our trained technicians can help you choose the right service based on your unique needs and preferences. Contact us today and let’s get started.


Our ultrasonic cavitation and cryo thermal shock body sculpting Dallas treatment or any other package comes at an affordable price. We also offer excellent discount packages and other special promotions like friend referral programs to make our services incredibly attractive.

You can expect a harmonious blend of quality, reliability, and affordability with the treatment solutions offered by BodyCon Spa at CHIOMA.

Our vastly skilled and experienced professionals passionately enjoy performing sweat and sculpt holistic body contouring treatments. Our treatment packages may combine several procedures to offer optimal results.

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