The Story Behind CHIOMA.

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Hello love! Are you ready to feel beautiful, sexy, energized and vibrant?

Kédu and welcome to CHIOMA. Our goal is to support your wellbeing with high quality herbal supplements, beauty and services. Our website has a plethora of informative content that give you the know how make informed decisions about your wellness.


I hold a Chartered Herbalist Diploma (CH) from Dominion Herbal College; licensure in Advanced Esthetics and a NESTA Certified Fitness Trainer Certificate (CPT). I also possess a Bachelors of science(BA) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

I consider myself a natural health and beauty educator and if I am able to help one woman reclaim her vitality and feel confident about herself, then I have done my job. I am constantly studying and educating myself on the latest ingredients so that I bring our customers only the best herbal supplements for women.

This is my passion. To help others take charge of their wellness and feel amazing.

I ALWAYS welcome your thoughts, ideas, and requests so I can make the site a more useful place for you and everyone else. Your thoughts and opinions allows us to continuously release wellness products, technologies and herbal supplements for women that fit the needs of the modern lifestyle. If you need to, please get in touch.

Thank you for stopping by!

xoxo Ebele Chioma MBA, Esthetician, Herbal Alchemist

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