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Hello love! Are you ready to feel beautiful, sexy, energized and vibrant?

Kédu and welcome to CHIOMA. I strongly believe that when we practice self care and nourish our bodies, we are at our most vibrant and vibrate at a higher frequency. Every body deserves to feel sexy, pampered and beautiful, that’s what we aspire to give to our community. 


My name is Ebele Chioma and I am the founder of CHIOMA. One of the biggest questions I get is what inspired my journey in this space and it all started with an endless search to find solutions to my own personal wellness and skin struggles. I was 16 years old when I was told that I may have had PCOS, at the time I was dealing with a case of severe cystic acne, excessive growth of facial and body hair, difficulties with my weight, mood swings and a list of other symptoms. In the article Female Hormonal Acne Almost Ruined My Life & How I Cure It Naturally I detail my struggles in full and what has worked for me over the years.

My quest to find answers for my personal struggles led me to study skincare and obtain an esthetician license. It opened the doors to my love for skincare, however I wanted to go deeper and learn the in’s and out of skin anatomy. Instinctively, early on I believed in the natural way of healing and wanted to incorporate herbal remedies into the mix. I remember in my early teens making face masks with egg whites and whatever I could find in our kitchen pantry. I believe growing up in West Africa where we leaned towards nature inspired my love for natural remedies and I knew it held the key to finding the solutions I needed. Over the years, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge in the space of esthetics, natural skin care and herbal sciences. Most of is self taught but I’ve also undergone a wide variety of trainings, taken quite a few courses and had some great teachers and mentors. 

People often ask me where the CHIOMA name comes from. CHIOMA means to be in good spirits, and it is  a name that is extra special to me because it was given to me by my grandmother, a savvy business woman who survived the harsh civil war of the 1960s, owned a farm and raised poultry for a living. 

My vision with CHIOMA is a shift back to natural, originality and authenticity with products and services that actually help people feel, look and live better. I dream CHIOMA to be a brand that can be trusted for clean, authentic and quality products.

I hold a Chartered Herbalist Diploma (CH) from Dominion Herbal College; licensure in Advanced Esthetics. I also possess a Bachelors of science(BA) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

I consider myself a natural health and beauty educator and if I am able to help one woman reclaim her vitality and feel confident about herself, then I have done my job. I am constantly studying and educating myself on the latest ingredients so that I bring our customers only the best.

This is my passion. To help others take charge of their wellness and feel amazing.

I ALWAYS welcome your thoughts, ideas, and requests so I can make the site a more useful place for you and everyone else. Your thoughts and opinions allows us to continuously release wellness products and services that enhance wellbeing. If you need to, please get in touch.

Thank you for stopping by!

xoxo Ms Ebele Chioma MBA, Esthetician, Herbal Alchemist

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