There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who is in touch with her feminine flow. She radiates confidence, a natural glow, oozes warmth and an inherent sultriness. In short she is a badass alpha female. Being in touch with our feminine flow is about being aware of the natural physical and physiological changes that happen in our bodies at the different stages of our cycles. More importantly it is knowing how to harness the anticipated changes to work in our favor. This the key to unleashing our feminine powers.

Get in your flow with the female hormone calendar

While the menstrual cycle is a completely normal and natural occurrence, it is surprising how few women are actually familiar with the ups and downs of the female cycle. I believe gaining this understanding is an important step to achieving balance and harmony as a woman. Like the woman herself, the female body is very complex and this can be both a thing of beauty and frustration.

While men and women produce similar hormones, our bodies have different biological functions. The female body is engineered for child bearing and the different stages of a woman’s cycle are essentially designed to prepare our bodies for conception. At each stage of the cycle our female hormones fluctuate causing notable changes in our attitudes, emotions, physical health, cravings and so much more.

These hormone fluctuations are actually so predictable that they are affectionately referred to as the female  hormone horoscope. Getting in touch with your female hormone cycle will allow you to better understand your body, and thus be able to predict what it needs throughout the month.

The average female cycle lasts 28 days, however this can vary with individuals. The entire menstrual cycle can be classified into two phases, the follicular and luteal phases.

In this article I will cover with you what happens at each stage of the cycle. What are some of the common symptoms you will experience and what you can do to best manage the symptoms so that you can have the energy and emotional stability to carry on with your everyday life.

Female hormone diaries week 1: Hello Flo!

Day 1-7: Estrogen starts off low and then rises

The first day of your cycle starts with the first day of your period, and lasts on average between 5 to 7 days. You can generally predict that you will feel tired, achy, and irritable during this week because your estrogen level will be at its lowest at this point of your cycle.

This is typically the week to limit stressful activities, especially during the earlier half of the week. If you have the luxury it’s probably a good idea work from home or take some days off. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water to keep hydrated as a result of the blood loss. If your periods are heavy, you might consider adding iron supplements to your regimen. Drinking herbal teas can offer some relief.

The good news is that it does get better once we get through the troughs of the menstrual cycle. The female hormone estrogen starts to climb again as we progress to the middle of the week usually leading to a shift in mood and overall emotional well being. You will typically feel happier, healthier, and more interested in both the romantic and social aspects of your life again. This increasing estrogen will also help you to make smarter food choices.

While rising female hormone levels can bring about emotional and physical relief from the luteal phase, large presence of old hormones in the system can also problematic leading to a slew of symptoms such as weight gain, bloating and tenderness in breasts. Since sex hormones are fat soluble, it requires more work for the body to break it down and flush it out of the system.

During the earlier half of the week, eating lots of leafy greens can help to boost iron levels and improve energy levels. Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as Salmon can help to ease menstrual symptoms. CHIOMA Omega glow along with CHIOMA Asana LadiesBalance multivitamin are rich in essential omega 3 to support healthy hormone function.

On the latter part of the week, it is a good idea to incorporate lots of fiber and focus on a diet rich in fermented and sprouted foods which are great sources of probiotics. CHIOMA Gut Formula Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your overall health and especially the digestive system. They aid the body in metabolizing and breaking down the extra estrogen that starts to rise in your system to flush it out faster. Since your estrogen will continue to rise into the next week, eating these foods will help your body manage it.

During this week hormone levels are working their way up so it’s best to keep exercises during the first week light and stick to easy workouts, such as walking, swimming, or yoga.

Female hormone diaries week 2: Follicular phase pending ovulations, raging hormones

Day 8-14: Female hormone estrogen and testosterone peaks and so does fertility

As you enter your second week, you will feel more optimistic and confident than at any other point in your female hormone cycle. This is in part because the female hormone estrogen will actually make your skin complexion more vibrant during this week, making you feel and look more attractive.

A second hormone also peaks in the system during the second week—testosterone. Testosterone is the masculine hormone that will make you feel more daring and likely to take risks that you normally would not.

Ladies this is our week to shine. Have a project in mind or a big presentation? This is the best week to start it as you will be alert, confident and bold. This is also the best time to schedule any uncomfortable activities such as waxing or dental work.

Research has shown that during the follicular phase, emotional recognition is higher which means this is also the week to schedule your social activities, go on a date or have a girls night out.

On the flip side, when testosterone is paired with high levels of estrogen, it can make you feel anxious and stressed out over small things. So if you’re in a relationship, be mindful of your tendencies to quarrel over insignificant things. Yes, you can officially blame it on the female hormones.

To help ease the hypersensitivity, partake in creative activities that you find calming such as reading, painting or photography. Drinking certain teas can help to alleviate the anxiety. Teas such as lemon balm, chamomile or lavender. These are all adaptogenic herbs that can help to calm the nervous systems and reduce stress.

Half way through the cycle on day 14 is the generally the onset of ovulation, however this can vary amongst women. Fertility peaks around day 14 and is the strongest 24-48 hours around this period. So aspiring mothers to be, this is the time to get it on. If you’re not trying, make sure you don’t skip the condom.

During this stage of the cycle hormone levels are at their highest. Helping your liver with gentle detoxing by incorporating green smoothies or lemon water to your regimen will be helpful to move old hormones out of the system and get you feeling refreshed, like new again. Some recommended products include: CHIOMA Daily Cleanse and CHIOMA The Body Cleaner 2 Week Cleanse.

In this article how and signs of when to detox we covered basic ways to detox. You can also read the 7 day detox plan.

Diet this week should consist of lots of raw fruits and vegetables during this week—especially freshly juiced vegetables. They provide lots of fiber and raw nutrients to your body, which helps to move estrogen out of the body more quickly.

Researchers have also uncovered that women are more susceptible to infections during the ovulation stage. The higher levels of estrogen triggers a reduction in immune levels. This reduction is what allows sperm to survive the threat of an immune response so that it may fertilize an egg successfully. For some women that could mean higher chances of yeast infections, UTI, cold sores, the flu. Look for immune boosting foods and herbs to help prevent or fight infections.

During this week you have a lot of stamina, so you can step up your fitness game and go hard. The best forms of exercise to do during the second week are strengthening workouts, such as lifting weights, jumping rope, or stair climbing.

Female hormone diaries week 3: The luteal phase and pre-PMS

Day 15-22: progesterone rises, estrogen and testosterone drops and estrogen rises again

The day after ovulation is the official start to your third week and the onset of the luteal phase.We generally will start off feeling a bit irritated because estrogen levels drops slightly, but the good news is that it will increase again in the latter part of the week.

Female hormone progesterone also enters your system at the beginning of this week and will continue to rise throughout the week. Progesterone is the sister hormone to estrogen that causes us to ovulate. What that typically means for our personal lives, is a decreased interest in socializing.

There is also a spike in cravings for foods high in fats, salt and sugar. However, avoiding the foods you are craving and eating lots of leafy greens and whole grains will help you this week. These will provide you with magnesium and calcium to help your body metastasize your hormones effectively and increase your mood. During this week, focus on foods that boost mood and energy levels. If you need a boost in libido, try herbs such as maca, tribulus, damiana or horny goat week.

At CHIOMA, we offer a variety of products to help combat fatigue, support stress management and healthy sleep. CHIOMA Liquid Vitality B12 Drops, CHIOMA Boss Babe Energy Multivitamin and CHIOMA Liquid Zzz’s.

Superfoods such as maca, goji berries, blueberries, salmon, avocados, yogurt and even dark chocolate can vastly improve the state of mind. Supplements such as B complex and drinking teas with energy boosting herbs can also help get you going.

The best forms of exercise to do during the forth week are aerobic exercises such as cardio, running, jogging, cycling and swimming. Aerobic exercises help stimulate endorphin production, which is good to reduce stress and promote mental health.

Female hormone diaries week 4: 2nd half of the luteal phase

Day 23-28: female hormones estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest

The luteal phase can be the hardest physically and emotionally for many women due to the fact that both female hormones estrogen and progesterone levels plummet. This will make typically make you moody, tired, have muscle cramps, and experience many common PMS symptoms. However, symptoms will vary drastically person-to-person depending on your diet, stress levels, medications, and exercise habits.

This is not the week to take on new projects or schedule too many meetings. During this week it’s best to focus on solo projects or if you have the luxury work from home. During this week sex drive starts to plummet and triggers cravings for comfort foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.

CHIOMA Asana LadiesBalance contains maca root and plant omegas that can support healthy energy levels.

Research has shown that females react more to negative stimuli during this stage. Meaning that we are more prone to be negative and critical. Reading inspirational books, messages and doing things that make you happy can help to elevate the mood. Take a bubble bath, indulge yourself and do things that make you happy.

It is also beneficial to indulge in some chocolate treats this week help to stimulate the mood-improving chemicals in your brain. In addition to this, eating lots of healthy fats and root vegetables (like potatoes and turnips) will also help to improve your mood.These are both high in natural sugars and fatty acids, which help your elevated mood to last for longer lengths of time.

Working out this week will feel like a drag but if you can get moving, it’s actually the best thing for your body, mind and spirit. The best forms of exercise to do during the third week aerobic exercises, trail runs, brisk or power walking, swimming or yoga. Avoid high intensity workouts.

Treat your hormones like your best girlfriends- Take care of them

Since our female hormones will fluctuate consistently throughout every woman’s cycle, this hormone horoscope is an effective way to gauge how you will feel each week of the month. For most females, as long as you are healthy, this guide will help you to better take charge of your emotional and physical well being during your cycle.

While we can make some generalities with the female cycle, it can still vary from person to person. Some women may experience these emotional and physical changes, some may not or some may have uncommon symptoms. The beauty of the human body is that we are all unique and therefore do not feel unusual if your cycle does not fall into the standard pattern, but learn to understand and appreciate your own rhythm.

So how does one keep track of all this? Glad you asked. I personally have a calendar in which i keep a record of my cycle, emotions and everything else in between.

Having some sort of calendar or mechanism for tracking our cycle helps to better analyze the trends and make more accurate predications. Fortunately for technology, there are a wide of array of period tracker apps available to help us keep track.

I would love to hear from you. Do you keep a female hormone diary? Please share thoughts and comments in the box below. Love, peace and happy hormones!



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