We are excited to share some important news regarding the evolution of our company and how this change will benefit you. We are delighted to share that our product lines under the LadiesBalance has changed to CHIOMA Nutrition.

This name change allows us to strengthen our brand identity and offer a wider variety of products. In addition to the name change, we will be expanding our product lines with exciting new releases.

To celebrate this rebrand, we will be offering discounts and giveaways on new and improved products. Subscribe to our mailing list to get notified and not miss a single sale.

Some other things you should know

  1. Currently, the name change only applies to our product lines. LadiesBalance.com will continue on as it started, an online editorial focusing on providing valuable content on women’s health and wellness.
  2. The name change will not affect our core values, our mission or product quality. We still aim to focus on producing high quality, high performance natural products that are not tainted with fillers, binders, flow agents and other artificial additives.
  3. Most of our product formulations will stay the same. We do have plans for new releases and improvements where we see fit to existing products. We promise you, you’re going to love it.

What does CHIOMA mean?

The name CHIOMA is a West African name from the Igbo tribe meaning ‘Beautiful Spirit‘ and also from the Chinese definition of ‘CHI’ meaning energy. We wanted a name that reflected our true inner intentions and core values. Every thing we do here, we do with a heart full of love and appreciation for all our customers, with beautiful energy and spirit. 

What about my account and details from LadiesBalance.com?

Login data, shopping history should still be in tact. If you encounter any issues you can email us at hello@chiomanutrition.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for your continued loyalty. If you have any additional questions on the rebrand, please email us at hello@chiomanutrition.com