Superfoods & Herbs for Women Made from Nature With Love.

When we came up with the idea to develop a women’s wellness product, it was extremely important to us to create a 100% natural product that is affordable, potent and powerful.

Not only are we creators but we are also users of the products. And as busy women on the move, we needed something that produced results.

Also important to us was the versatility in how we could use the product. We wanted something that would blend seamlessly into our busy and active lives.

After years of researching and trial and errors of different remedies pertaining to women’s hormone and whole body health, we comprised our list of effective vitamins and herbs for women to develop the proprietary blend that is Asana LadiesBalance by CHIOMA Nutrition. All the herbs and nutrients have been used for ages in traditional and Ayurvedic medicine to nourish the female endocrine system.**

Just as important as the ingredients, was the manufacturing and process. It was extremely important for us to partner with a manufacturer that aligned with our values and understood our vision.

This has led to partnerships with renowned manufacturers of organic natural health products.

All of our products are made with care, love and a dedication to quality and functionality.

Clean, Natural & Vegan-Friendly.

From the certified organic vitex, shatavari, green tea and raw pure spearmint leaves, we stand 100% behind the integrity of our product. And we are sure you will enjoy it and much as we do. Our products contain no GMOs, no dairy, no gluten, no nitrates, no trans-fats and no added sugar