Russell Organics Argan Oil Review Summarized


– Great for sealing in the moisture of hair and skin

– Clean feel 

– A little goes a long way especially on damp hair and face

– Squeeze dropper is great for product control

– All around, a wonderful oil


-Did not like the oil as a body sealant

-Oil is a bit pricy on the Russell Organics website

If you would like to see how the product performed in a more in depth review, continue to read.

Shipping and Packaging

When I received the Russell Organics Argan Oil, the product was carefully shipped in a small box with a lot of packing material. The reason for the extra material was to protect the product, which came in a glass bottle.

Along with being packaged in a glass bottle, the Argan Oil came with a dropper that I used to control the amount of product that came out of the container. I received a 2oz bottle of the oil which is not a lot of product for the 28 dollar cost on the Russell Organics website.

Testing and Using Russell Organics Argan Oil

I tested the Argan oil over the course of about two weeks on my hair, face, and body. The way I used this oil, like I do all of my other oils, was to seal in the moisture of the water, and water based products that I used.

This was to ensure that my hair and body remained moisturized for a longer period of time. If you would like to learn more about moisturizing and sealing, leave a comment below and I will make a blog post on those topics soon. You can also visit my blog HERE for more information.

Below is the documentation of my process using Russell Organics Argan Oil.

1st Time/ 1st Impression 

When I first unsealed the product, I noticed that the oil did not have a scent. The lack of fragrance was nice because I felt as though this product was cleaner than some of the other oils I have used.

Some oils, like olive oil and grape seed oil, have distinct smell that makes my hair smell a bit dirty after a couple of days. To me, the Argan Oil appears clear. There was no color I could detect, which gave me the impression that this product was much ‘cleaner’ than other oils and oil based products on the market.

Russell Organics Argan Oil on Natural Hair

When I first used this product, I used it as a refresher and night time treatment, which was nice because it did not add any extra weight to my hair.  This Argan Oil gave me shine, and helped seal in the moisture of my water and leave-in conditioner mix.

Although I have extremely thick hair, I found that I did not need much product to achieve my desired look and feel for the evening. I sectioned my hair in four areas (2 sections in the front, and 2 sections in the back), and used about 5-7 drops of the oil after I smoothed in my water and leave-in conditioner mix.

I concentrated the oil towards the ends of my hair, like I do with all of my other oils, and then moved the product up the strands of my hair. My hair felt so soft that night, as well as the next day. I was very pleased with how this product performed.

 2nd Time Using Russell Organics Argan oil on Natural Hair

I used this product about three days later. I did not need to put any more oil, or product on my hair in between those three days because my hair was still moisturized. This was due to the proper moisture and sealing routine I did earlier in the week using water, my leave-in conditioner mix, and the Russell Organics Argan Oil product.

I used this product on freshly washed hair. I made sure my hair was damp so that I could follow the product directions, and use the oil as it was recommended by the company. My hair remained damp from the wash, my leave-in conditioner mix, and my moisturizer.

I then followed up with the Argan Oil (2-5 drops depending on the size of each section) as a sealant to all of the moisture I put in. After I put all of the products in my hair, I proceeded to detangle, and style my tresses in two strand twists.

Then, I put those twists in an updo style. I usually style my hair in this manner for a few days for protection, and to also to help with moisture retention.

Three days later I took my hair out of the twists, using the Argan Oil on my fingertips to prevent frizz, as well as to refresh my curls. My hair was still moisturized, soft, clean and shiny, which is always a plus.

I haven’t washed my hair since my last wash day, but I have used the Argan Oil in my hair as a refresher many times, applying the same techniques to my hair like I did in the first section of this review. I absolutely love this oil for my hair, and my natural hair loves it too.

Russell Organics Argan Oil As a Body Oil

Along with using this oil on my hair, I have tried it on my face and body.

I have to honestly say that I did not like this oil for my body. The Russell Organics Argan Oil itself is still a great product, but I had a problem with the applying it to my body.  I felt like I was using a lot of product for my limbs and body because the water from my shower would dry before I could get to certain areas with the oil.

Because the moisture from my shower dried faster than I could apply the oil, I did not get the coverage I needed to maintain adequate moisture retention during the day. This oil works best when applied to damp skin.

For me, I will stick to a body lotion because lotions are cheaper, and I get a lot of product for the money I would spend on this oil. This oil is too delicate and pricy for me to use on my body, which is why I will be reserving it for my hair and face use only.

Russell Organics Argan Oil As a Facial Treatment

My face LOVES this oil. I have used it for a morning and night time treatment. I apply this oil (1-3 drops) after I cleanse/exfoliate, and tone my face. I have sensitive skin, and products, even natural oils have made me breakout.

This oil does not break me out or irritate my skin. I have used this oil just about every day since I received it, and my face has felt so soft and moisturized. It absorbs well into my face, and does not leave a film of dirtiness behind like some oils do.

I have replaced my other moisturizer with this oil for the moment because it does wonders for my skin!

I would totally recommend the Russell Organics Argan oil to those of you that need a great hair and face oil!

To  learn more about Russell Organics Argan Oil, visit the company website HERE. If you have had an experience with the product, please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Article by: contributor Jasmine Young who blogs about beauty, natural hair, music and other things she finds interesting. Click HERE to visit her blog and Follow Her on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was sent this Argan Oil from the company Russell Organics to review. I was not paid to review this product. My opinions and experiences with this product are honest and sincere.

12 thoughts on “Jasmine Reviews: 100% Pure Russell Organics Argan Oil

  1. Ella says:

    I am a huge fan of argan oil products! There are a so many products out there, I definitely had some trouble picking out which ones I wanted to to try- that’s exactly I why I love reading reviews like this! After trying out a few different kinds, my favorite is Defend from I am extremely impressed on how much nicer my hair feels! It’s done wonders for my skin too.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Ella, I totally agree! I have been using other oils, like coconut oil for many years, but I have found that i have some irritation if it touches my scalp or skin. With this Argan OIl product I did not have any irritation at all and that was a huge plus for me. I will have to look into the Defend product soon, I am definitely interested in how it works in comparison. Thank you for stopping by and reading, and thanks for commenting, I love a good conversation about beauty :-).

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