It’s no secret, curves are in! With the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj parading the carpets of Hollywood in tight fitting dresses that flaunt full round hips and booty, it is no wonder that so many women out there are embracing and appreciating their curves. But what if you aren’t naturally blessed with a big butt or luscious curves?

Apparently, there are claims that you can take maca root powder for bigger booty and hips and naturally fill out where you are lacking. But are these claims fact of myth?

The story behind maca root

Maca is a root plant cultivated in South America and has been used by the natives for healing purposes and consumption as food. Some of the proposed benefits of maca root powder are helping to address issues of fatigue, certain symptoms of menopause and sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Certain studies have also linked maca root powder with helping to regulate and balance hormones in men and women. According to Vitaminstohealth.com, maca root works by telling your hypothalamus-pituitary gland when it is producing too much or too little of particular hormone helping to regulate your system

Maca root powder for bigger booty and hips: “I got it from my mama

Your body shape is determined predominately by genetics and no, you cannot alter your genetics. However hormones also play a major role in how body fat is distributed and this can be altered by use of certain supplements and medications.

Traditionally women with higher levels of estrogen tend to store more fat in breasts, hips and of course the booty. Remember puberty? During this stage most young women will experience a surge in estrogen levels which triggers development of curves.

On the other hand, there are some women who produce less estrogen or have a dominance of androgen, which are male hormones, and will tend to store less fat in these areas and more in the upper body thereby having less curves. For these women, supplements like Maca can encourage a more feminine figure because if your body is producing too little of estrogen, it will help to regulate your system and increased estrogen level can mean more fat deposits in breasts, hips and the booty.

Now you have to be realistic, don’t expect to go from a Twiggy to a Buffie the Body. You most likely will not experience drastic changes.

The verdict: so does maca root give you a bigger butt?

Maca root powder can be beneficial to women seeking to regulate hormones and for some women this can mean an increase in fat deposits to breast, hips and the booty but probably nothing too drastic as your genetics and bone structure also play a huge role in your body shape. However be aware that as of current, there is little to no medical research establishing  the effectiveness of maca in hormone regulation and results will vary from individual to individual.

There have been lots of success stories from women taking maca root powder for bigger booty hips. There is a majority claim that it does work, in fact some women state they saw a drastic increase in their butt and hip size, and on the flip side, there are also reports from users who say it did absolutely nothing.

It all boils down to each individual as well know every human body is different and will have different outcomes. But as with all supplements, you need to check with a doctor first before taking maca.

I started taking maca and vitex extract for hormonal regulation years after my diagnosis with PCOS. Although, I am naturally curvy, I did notice that I filled out a bit more while on these supplements, and honestly I attribute the change to weight gain. Between 2008 to now, I have gained roughly 30 pounds which I am struggling to lose.

Here’s an update on my fitness regimen. On the left, I was approaching 200 lbs thanks to my love for food and an inconsistent and improper exercise routine. I had A LOT of belly fat and was losing the roundness and definition in my butt.

My current diet is high protein, low carb and fresh organic foods. In addition, I combine cardio with some strength training exercises along with mild weight lifting and waist training.

I get a lot of emails asking me what brand of maca root use and if it really works. We’ve developed CHIOMA Asana LadiesBalance for women who are looking to promote toned curves. The blend combines gelatinized maca root, fenugreek, tribulus and rose extract.

So how does it work? Maca root promotes curves by balancing hormones, and hormones affect how our body stores fat. Estrogen is the key hormone which tells the body to store fat in the hips, butt, breasts and thighs. For women who are not producing this hormone a optimal levels, taking a herb like maca can produce a noticeable difference in how their body stores fat.

In the article 5 popular herbs to increase curves naturally, we highlight fenugreek as a common herb used in many curve enhancing regimen. It is widely known for its abilities to promote larger, fuller breasts and thicker hips. It is high in a chemical known as diosgenin which has been said to cause the body to produce more estrogen. Fenugreek also boasts a slew of other health benefits including helping to regulate blood sugar levels, promote hormone balance and increase libido.
Combining maca with fenugreek boosts curve enhancing powers of the blend. We added popular muscle toning herb tribulus to balance out the two herbs and stimulate the strengthening of muscles and fit curves. The combination of maca and fenugreek may lead to elevated estrogen levels, and estrogen typically means more fat storage in the body. The addition of tribulus may help to tone the muscles. Tribulus is also a powerful herb for women and is a powerful libido and energy booster. It is also widely used in women’s fertility because of its abilities to possibly reduce anti sperm effects in the body.

This product is specifically geared towards enhancing curvy physique. The fusion of maca, fenugreek and tribulus with balancing effects of rose extract make CHIOMA Asana LadiesBalance a powerful blend to promote toned curves, boost energy, enhance libido, promote healthy fertility and balance hormones.

Other maca brands

In the past I have used the Nature’s Way brand maca and Nature’s Way Femaprin Vitex and I have loved their brands. I especially love the Femaprin vitex product, I found it very effective at regulating my hormones.

Having a toned waist line is what gives the illusion of curves and a sexy silhouette. It’s not enough to just focus on growing the butt, equally important is having a toned physique and especially a nice, flat stomach. I have found waist training to be effective at helping me shrink my belly size. Even curve queen, Kim Kardashian recently revealed waist training as one of her favorite fitness trends.

For waist training to help lose belly fat and shrink waistline, I’m currently experimenting with different corsets. I wear mine for around 9 hours a day under clothes. Not the most comfortable at first but over time I’ve been getting used to it.

Be forewarned waist training or tight lacing can be dangerous if overdone. It should not be too tight to the point where it is very uncomfortable.

**Disclaimer: These are the brands I purchased and used but there are a variety of brands you can choose from out there.

Also beware of brands that promote products which are guaranteed to give you curves! There is absolutely no such thing! The goal should be to achieve healthy, hormone balance and combine it with the right diet and a strength training program designed to target the glutes. While a combination of diet and exercise can produce a beautiful physique, it cannot guarantee you the Kim K butt. Genetics play a huge role on body shape therefore it is possible to do everything right and not achieve desired results.

Instead of striving for a bigger booty, strive to work with what you’ve got and get it looking toned, which can give the illusion of fullness and a bubble. That’s where exercises like squats can make a difference.

It’s not just about having a big ole butt, but a lifted and toned booty with a lovely shape. You know the Onion Booty.

The one that evoke reactions like this.

If you are looking for inspiration on getting a cute, curvy yet toned booty, see this video about Internet booty sensation, Jennifer Selter. Her curvaceous physique has taken the world by storm and she has been fairly outspoken about her workout regimen which includes lots of squats.


How about you? Have you had the opportunity to try maca for bigger booty and hips, would love to hear your experience, please share in the comment box below.

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258 thoughts on “Maca root powder for bigger booty and hips Fact or Myth

  1. tammie says:

    I consulted with a friend who is a herbalist…I’ve recently.lost a lot.of weight in my curvy areas dur to child birth and she recommended this root. I started today..I’ll comment again in two months with results!

  2. Laurel says:

    I have been doing A LOT of research on whether or not this root can add to your behind. I could not find a single review that said it did not! Some people even said that it added 2 inches and they stopped taking it because it was making their behind grow TOO much. Wow. I am about to purchase some but I have a question, do you know if it is more effective in powdered than in pill form?


    • dedeblack says:

      I had bought a bottle of maca root pills on ebay for like 5 bucks i was like im goin to give it a try i started taking 2 a day i promise no lie within to weeks women was at my job tellin me “I’m not gay or anything but you getting thick” at first I was like what a coincidence then my mangers was even joking with me about my booty even when I stop taking them my booty still grew and this only off one bottle I haven’t taken them since August 2012, what i will tell you is it wont give you a nikki minaj or kim k booty (lets be realistic) but my but has spreaded and gotten rounder ………………………………….So to answer your question it does grow your booty but it wont be dramatic results about to order my second bottle I will keep you posted and give you ladies honest answers…..ps they also have me super hyper thats why i only tske them before work and there have you super horny

      • Belle says:

        Hi dede, all I can say is WOW. You saw results within 2 weeks, normally from my experience and others that I’ve read it can take a while to see any results. I’m glad it worked so well for you, please keep us posted and if you can send any pictures, please do as well. Thanks

        • Belle says:

          Hi Dion, I haven’t been taking it in a while because I am currently taking chasteberry supplement for hormone regulation. But when I did I used Nature’s Way maca root, and another good one is by Gaia. I believe you can get both from amazon.com. I’ll be honest, I was already blessed with some curves prior to taking maca, I just felt like it added a little more junk in my trunk., nothing drastic though.

    • Belle says:

      Hi Laurel, either pill or powder form will be effective, what matters is the dosage. The typical dosage is 500mg taken 3 times a day. However you might need to adjust it based on how your body responds. And remember to always check with a physician before taken any supplements. Thank you for your post and question, I’ll be doing another article on how to take maca root for hormonal regulation very soon, so stay tuned : )

      • tish says:

        How can I purchase the maca root I have a big butt I just want to use it to make it more plump while I work out ….I’m ready to purchase now and do u anything about the Maca oil NY cousin told me used it on her breast and I want it to because I have small breast and a big butt

    • Belle says:

      Hi Sarah, quite honestly, I doubt that taking maca alone will get you from a 36 to a 40. You might need to supplement it with some butt exercises and weight gainers.

    • Belle says:

      Hi Sisi, glad to hear from you. I don’t know where in Abuja you would be able to get them, perhaps at pharmacies or natural food stores. I do have some acquaintances over there, I can try and ask to get you the information. Send me an email at info@beautyandsugar.com and I’ll see what I can find for you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I took maca and my butt grew tremendously and I’ve been off of it for two years and my butt is still big. I stopped taking it because I begin to have very bad breakouts and I thought maybe it was due to the hormone changes the maca was causing. I also had horrible eating habits that have gotten worst since I took it, so that may have contributed to the increase in butt and boobs. my boobs have gone up from a D to G since then. I want to start taking them again bc I’m about to start working out and I’m afraid that I’ll lose my assets. I’ll keep you guys posted on what I decided to do and my results if I choose to do it again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello ladies!!!! This is a very exciting journey 🙂 I started maca root about a week ago and doing butt excersises and……….It’s working 🙂 And honestly I think it is the best thing to combine the two…i been married for 7yrs been my husband just told me the other day “he didn’t know what or how but my butt “looked nice and big” :)….I blushed..lol however you’ll never know if it’ll work for you or not if you don’t try it yourself!
    Also anyonelse who is trying maca root please share your stories, also I suggest measuring with before you begin this “journey” jaja … and then check in every …i don’t know..month I want to say becuase it may take a time to start seeing a “big” difference. I haven’t checked my measurements since I started but c’on my husbad and I are both seeing a difference in such little time!!! I’m sooo Bessed!

  5. Nita says:

    Good morning,

    I’m starting my maca root vitamins today. My waist and butt are 34 inches. Will get back to you in a months time. To give you the results. Let’s see if this works.

  6. S.Marie says:

    So, I’ve been reading everyone’s comments and congratulations to the ppl it worked for. I’m thinking about using Maca. My only question and concern is does it make your STOMACH bigger while making you butt bigger?? Also, I have doubt because I don’t want it to make my boobs grow. I wear a 40D exact and doesn’t want to be DD

    • Belle says:

      Hi S.Marie. Everybody will react differently to the herb, so you might or you might not. Also if you gain weight, which I suspect is what is happening to a lot of people, then your stomach and boobs will most likely increase in size especially if you normally put weight in those areas. The trick is to combine it with a good exercise routine especially butt exercises that lift and tone so the rest of your body is in shape.

      • Sin says:

        Hi which one is a great one to purchase? Also I have read beside putting on weight it gives you energy and also boosts your sex drive I’m looking for all these things. Need your help.

        • Belle says:

          Hi Sin, there are a wide variety of maca supplements available. You’ll just have to try them out and see which one works best for you. Cheers!

  7. Andrea says:

    Hi everyone I want to start taking maca root and I’ve done a little reaserch and most girls say that it missed up there period cycle , did any of you have an issue like that ?

    • Belle says:

      Hi Andrea, that’s interesting. But technically it should not because Maca is said to help regulate hormones. Maybe in the first stages of taking the herb it might, as it is working with your pituary glands to produce the right amounts of hormone. But other than that, not sure. My cycle is pretty irregular cuz of PCOS, so didn’t really notice a difference.

    • LLoops says:

      Hello there I have just recently started the maca powder with my shakes in the mornings. I take about 1 teaspoon only once a day. It’s been 1 week and I don’t notice much change other than my menstrual cycle was only one whole day, to where is usually at least 3-4 days. I’m also very petite, with 105 lbs! The best thing I have been feeling way more energetic than ever :))))

      • Belle says:

        Maca is well known to be an energy booster, so glad you’re seeing that effect. It does have an impact on hormone production so I can see how it will affect your cycle. The supplement will have varying results on each individual so you want to monitor your body’s reaction, dosage and see what is optimal for you. The goal is to the achieve balance. If you’re experiencing a major disruption in your cycle, it’ll probably be a good idea to adjust your dosage or take it 3 weeks-1 week off. As far as with the curves go, it is something that I have observed happen gradually over time. Although, I have heard of some women noticing an immediate effect 🙂

  8. Miles says:

    it’s so exciting to see a CURRENT thread on maca root!!! yes to this article. lol. so did you just take maca root or did you do anything extra w. it? squats, lunges, etc.?

    • Belle says:

      Hi Miles, thank you for the comment : ) I alternated between Maca and Femaprin vitex extract and I simply eat healthy and work out when I can, nothing extra really.

      • Blessing says:

        Can a lady who’s not married or having sex take maca root? Cux I read it boost imune.. And were can I get it online or phn no. Tnx

        • Belle says:

          Hi Blessing, yes and yes! Maca root can be taken by anyone. It has been reported to boost energy levels and libido, so you just have to careful about becoming…erm…too excited 🙂

  9. Nita says:

    Hi Belle

    It’s been 1 week on Maca Root. So far the only change I’ve have has been in my sex drive. It’s mad crazy and hubby love’s it. Not much to the butt area. Still doing the workouts. Will let you know as I go. Nita

    • Belle says:

      Lol Nita, sounds like ur having a good time with maca, it is known to do that. From my experience, I took maca for a while before noticing any changes in my body. You have to give your body time to see how it reacts to the supplement.

    • Belle says:

      Hi Marissa,

      It is going to depend on your body and hormonal system. Remember maca works by helping your body achieve hormonal balance and in some women that can mean and increase in curves. If you stop taking maca your body can revert to its former state. The good news is that maca is a herbal supplement and is considered safe. But if you’re concerned about taking pills forever, I will say maybe take it for several months and get to the state where you feel you’ve achieved your goal and then stop taking maca a while and see how your body responds. Worst case scenario, if your body reverts back you can always go back on it. But I totally feel you, I do not like taking pills even so-called natural supplements. I typically go on and off supplements so my body does not get too dependent on them.

      From my experience, my curves stayed the same after I went off maca for several months and I also maintained my weight gain. But every body is going to react differently.

  10. Jess says:

    Hey Everyone, I’m so happy there are so many recent posts on the Maca Root I must say I’ve been very skeptical but coming across this blog has convinced me. 🙂 I do have a question though, I realized that there are several different kinds of maca roots. I see online that its available at my local GNC Store the white & Green bottle says Nature’s Way maca root 100 capsules, I read the reviews & it’s mainly talking about helping hormonal changes. Theres also another one in like a brown bottle that says the same thing. I wanted to know is this the right one to purchase for a bigger butt. Please let me know guys. Thank You!!

    • Belle says:

      Hi Jess,

      Thank you for stopping by. I don’t think there is a particular brand of maca to get more curves and I don’t think the brand matters too much per say. What matters is the dosage. I used nature’s way maca, I would say it is a good brand. However, I am currently experimenting with other brands to see which I like best and will keep you guys updated.

  11. ELo says:

    So happy I found this site. I just ordered ‘Navitas Maca Gelatinized Powder 16 oz’. I plan on mixing it with my morning protein shake. I was curvy before kids but have lost it since. I will check back with results.. wish me luck 🙂

  12. Angeleyess says:

    Hi, I jus bought a bottle by nature s way. I’m still in two minds about the whole thing. I’m gonna start with one pill a day for the first week. See what happens n then up the dos on the 2 week. I was not blest with any butt, but do have a good size hip. Will take mesure ment n keep u all updated every 2 weeks. I’m very excited. My main reason is hormones, n libo enhancement. Will let u know about that also.

  13. Jazzy says:

    I’m getting ready to buy some black maca root pills and fish oil pills to speed up the process I guess. I’m excited and nervous at the same time..I’m pretty sure it’ll work though. I plan on exercising daily on my butt area..but I wanted to do the master cleanse as well..is that healthy. I’ll b contacting my doctor..I jus wanna kno had anyone ever did this on some other diet before?? Love the blog by the way!!

  14. john jackson gift says:

    pls how can i get dis product,i need it and i stay in lagos,iju fagba.pls u can also send me any info i needto know.and which is the best for me to use am not fat but i want a big butt and will give me a very nice shape too.is it d powder or d capsule dat wil be ok for me?pls kindly send me a message.

    • Belle says:

      Hi there, I haven’t been able to locate a place to purchase in abuja or lagos. Your best bet is to order online for now and as soon as I come across any info, I will post it on here. Thanks

  15. shondaboo says:

    hi everyone i just started maca and vitex yesterday and i can tell you something is working because i already have a increase sex drive and as far as well being it really helps with stress and depression it makes me worry free!!! im using natures way brand for both the vitex and maca havent notice a change in curves but my breast are getting sore hopefully its already working out my hormones because i have pcos. i will keep up updated with progress! 🙂

  16. Mrtrabajo says:

    Very well written articles and posts. Will subscribe to feed and be back again to visit site. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Nita says:

    Hi Ebele

    Just to give an update on my Maca plan. I have become a little more curvy and can see the different in my body. A small amount in the butt area not much. Breast are bigger and fuller. I was a 36d now I’m a 38c. So some things are happen. Will keep you post. I would love to seen you pictures. Let me know where I can send them to you!!! Before and afters

  18. MissC says:

    This thread is great. I am about to order Nature’s Way Maca 525mg 100caps. Im excited because everyone seems to be getting results. My only concern is i am on the contraception patch which also regulates my hormones so is it safe for me to take Maca at the same time? Has anyone else been on contraception whilst taking this?

    • Belle says:

      Hi MissC, please consult with your doctor before taking the supplement. Maca is not a hormone but it has been reported to have some effect on hormone production so you want to make sure it’s not counteracting with your bp pills.

  19. korina says:

    hi Ebele

    I have been on maca root for about a month now
    Week one 1 pill
    Week two 2 pills
    Week three 3 pills
    Week four 4 pills
    Next week rest
    My measurements started at 38 bust 27 waist n 38 hips. 128lbs 5’1
    Now I’m at 38″ 26″ 39 with exercise and ensure plus 2 aday so I am hoping next month will give me more results aiming fo r a 24″ inch waist and like a 41 inch booty ahh fingers crosed

    • Belle says:

      Hi! There are different brands of maca out there…there’s no best, you just have to try and see which one works for you. I posted links to the brands I used in the article. Good luck!

  20. john jackson gift says:

    have goten a place to buy maga root but dont know the actual that is the best for big butts and hips.(for female)coz the one i saw, the lady said is for male.so i need the best one for me.thanks

  21. Jayde says:

    I recently started taking natures way maca root gelatinized 4:1 about 16 days ago. It is definitely working! I’m naturally a slender women, with naturally bigger breasts, I got it to enhance more my lower area. And I’ve already seen about an 1inch increase! I work out regularly about 4 times weekly, and just adding a bit of jump rope and squats to my routine and I can feel a swelling that after rest turns to muscle. Great product , also makes you more clear minded and happy. Worth the try.

    • Belle says:

      Hi Jayde, nice to hear from you! Some women have reported feeling boosted energy while on maca, so its great to hear you’re having a similar experience. Continue to keep us updated and have a great day : )

  22. john jackson gift says:

    pls i jst want you to be specific with the one to take,because there are different types and since you know more about it,you should be able to pick one for me to use.just need the one for big butts and my hips.thanks so much for your updates.plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss am begging.

  23. Brea says:

    Hi! I also have pcos and deal with excessive facial hair. Did you take the maca and the other product at the same time?

  24. vanessa says:

    Hello.am 20yrs olds and I have a 34-27-34 body shape.I desperatly nid 2 add weight esp around d hip and butt area.I desperatly need the maca root product.want to knw if I can get it in Benin city,Nigeria.

  25. Alina says:

    Love this post and your butt workout post! I’m a 17 year old, Caucasian female (I don’t know if that even matters but anyhow) with a quite tiny butt and I’ve tried maca for about three weeks now. My mom just gave them to me randomly some time ago and I took them without even knowing what it was so I was like “THAT’S why my booty’s become bigger” when I found out. I know, it sounds crazy because I’ve only tried them for about three weeks but even my boyfriend has noticed that there is a lot more fat to grab in my butt- and hip area. It even has become visibly more round and I’m soooo happy. I really hope it’s because of the maca. I’ll continue and see!

  26. Alina says:

    Oh, I have to add that I am really, really jealous of your figure. I love it, wish I could have curves like that too. 🙁

  27. SHAE says:

    I just started taking Maca Root Natures Way 525mg three weeks ago and I have noticed a great change I’m my appetite and energy level. I am also taking fish oil vitamins also. I will keep you updated with results. God bless!!

  28. Sandra says:

    I got the powder form and it says to take 1 teaspoon daily with food? Should I take more to increase the booty or is that enough?
    Thank you

  29. Tiara says:

    I started taking maca root two and a half weeks ago. I also massage with a fish oil mixture 2 times a day and workout 3 times a week. I use organic maca root pills from GNC 1500 mg pure fish oil from a health food store coconut and lavender oils from whole foods. After about day 16 my husband noticed I was filling out my jeans and the compliments are flowing. I’ve been researching and asking around for weeks before I started this regimen and hopefully the following helps:

    * you must exercise in addition to maca root( stomach vacuums, donkey kicks, squats, weights)

    * powder or pill isn’t important but don’t take too much. A tablespoon in your protein shake twice a day or 3 500 mg pills should do it

    *enrich your diet with healthy fats like avocado, nuts, chicken breasts etc.

    Thanks for a great article and I hope it helps others xoxo

  30. adeife says:

    hi ebele, by persistent inquiry i stumbled upon your page.. gosh ‘m so happy.. I’m 23, underweight and quite staight almost without curves at all. Been very wary of chemical pills that promise instant curves and all.. That’s why i’ll love to have the herbal maca powder. and femaprin. How can i get it? considering the fact that i stay in Lagos, Nigeria.. Your response will be appreciated .. Thanks 🙂

  31. Pat says:

    This is fantastic post, how long before you start seeing any real results? Getting married in 6 months do you think I will see some differece by the… I so want a booty like yours

  32. Earl says:

    Helo Ebele
    I am currently in South Africa,Pretoria and I would like to purchase Maca powder.
    Is the anywere around I can buy it?
    Please help thanx

  33. Patricia says:

    Ooh I would love a big booty Maca sounds like the right way to go, but I also wonder what all the side effects are on it. I suffer from high blood pressure so would be hesitant to take it, will have to confirm with my doctor. Thanks for the post

    • Gary Bosek says:

      Patricia, for high blood pressure, take 90 thousand heat unit cayenne pepper on some of your food and raw organic garlic. Its potent, but amazing blood pressure stabilizing properties.Consult your physiciian first of course, especially if you are on meds, but they will likely tell you that method will be ineffective. The fact of the matter is there is solid evidence this works NATURALLY AND i am one it has worked on. SO Im living proof. But we cant just rely on cayenne and garlic to solve our issues. We must take a holistic approach and move the body from an acidic state to an alkaline state. Taking just cayenne and garlic while still filling our bodies with foods that make it acidic, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, etc, is defeating the purpose. This stuff has changed my life and i went from 300 lbs, to 175 of solid muscle with just enough body fat to be healthy, , running ten miles every other day, and feel better than i ever have in my life. Maca powder is THE most amazing food I have ever discovered in my four years of extensive research and lifestyle. Especially when it comes to, well I will just say it … libido 🙂 , putting weight on in all the right spots, , vitality, energy, and even SKIN. 🙂 I just did some more research on side effects and many get sick taking it in RAW form. However, no so much with the gelatinized, but you still have to watch your portions . I personally am taking three scoops, twice a day of the gelatinized in my smoothies. Some may say thats too much but its working great fo rme. I think because my body is already alkaline. If it was acidic, I would probably start with lower doses being that my body would not be used to such healthy foods.

  34. Gary says:

    Hi, I started taking macs..im a raw foodist (though i use gelatinized macs for this) and I’m really happy with what it is doing for me. Im a guy, but I’m amazed at the way it is toning my bod especially the rear end. I work out (not with weights) but lunges, etc. I love the libido factor. This stuff is amazing. Now I’m taking quite a bit.. three scoops in every smoothie, the scoop that comes with navitas natural brands… so I’m having about six scoops, or six teaspoons of the gelatinized a day.. but I’m curious as to why some people are saying don’t take so much. Im having great results with these doses! And by the way, Belle just marry me now and be done with it! lol 😉

    • Belle says:

      Hi Gary! I have read that maca works well for both sexes to help alleviate hormonal imbalance problems, so its interesting to read your experience as a guy taking maca. It’s great that you have had positive results with the supplement, please keep us updated. Maca is generally a safe herb and according to what I’ve read, it is tolerated well by most people. According to webMD 1,500mg is recommended daily dosage and you can go up to 3,000mg a day which is often used in the case of a male trying to treat libido related issues. It also does state that 1,500mg is just as effective as 3,000mg so it probably makes sense to take 1,500mg and save on some product:) I personally have never tried maca in a smoothie, but I’ll have to take that up pretty soon. Hope you don’t mind sharing your recipe 🙂

      • Gary says:

        Here is my recipe… 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk… two tablespoons of RAW cocao powder (amazing anti oxidants) , two scoops (which i think equates to tablespoons) of gelatinized navitas naturals maca powder…two heaping tablespoons of organic peanut butter OR sunflower butter, two tablespoons of black strap molasses…teaspoon of bee pollen, and two organic bananas. If you refrigerate it for an hour or two it seems to taste even BETTER! This smoothie tastes AMAZING and is great for chocolate lovers, and every single ingredient is super healthy. I have never had so much energy since taking this. I am however, going to take a week off from it just because I believe in giving the body a break from the same nutrients all the time. Now I have been putting THREE of those scoops that come with the maca powder, but i don’t recommend that for the average person. The smoothie will come out like a pudding consistency, which I think is better than a liquid. I do the raw juicing too, so I get plenty of liquids. This is more like a meal, literally. Be prepared for you libido to go through the ROOF! 😉 (as previously mentioned Im sure) … many have complained of vivid dreams with maca, in my opinion its because the stuff makes you more FOCUSED! I also do a green smoothie with the same base ingredients .. rotating the greens. AMAZING!

  35. cassie says:

    i lost weight and also my butt after havin my baby. his now 9month goin on 10, people say i lost my butt and i was readin yur blog and the comments…..i wud love to try the same one yuh use.. hw many weeks it take for result? if i want my butt back nd fast hw many shud i take a day nd shud i also get the powder??

  36. chioma says:

    my friend complained about her breast being painful and noticed some tickling sensation after taking maca just for 3 days. any body noticed that? scared to continue!!!

  37. paballo says:

    Hy Ebele I so wanna try this maca thing but where in johannesburg South Africa can I get it coz the amazon.com want ppl with credit cards and the shipping thing just seem like a long process 4me can you help with where I can purchase it in johannesburg. thanks in adavance

  38. tia says:

    I have a stomach I want to lose it but I also want. To try meca to get hips, booty but do u think if I do situps while trying to achieve my goal do u think it want go to my stomach. Can someone one plz point me in the right Direction

  39. lula says:

    Is everyone still taking maca powder. I just started yesterday and I’m hoping that I wake up with some curves. I’m at 120lbs right now (5′ 7″) and I’m hoping to gain 10-15lbs. I work out 5-6 days/week b/c I teach fitness classes. I would love to hear everyone’s progress with maca and all the changes you have seen thus far 🙂

    • Tiara says:

      I am still taking maca root! 🙂 been using since march 26 with rest breaks during my cycle. I got a tip from a girl at my gym to keep my tummy down by taking cinnamon pills! Well I went from a size 6 to a size 8/10 jeans and I filled out VERY nicely.i had a flat butt with no shape before!! I workout 3-4 nights a week so it contributes but I make sure to keep maca in my regimen. Good luck to you! 🙂

  40. shadow_figure says:

    I have a pretty nice sized butt, its the breast that are lacking, will the increase in butt and breast area generate at the same time? I hope so i can only afford a little more behind me anything else would make look like a knock- off Nicki..not a bad thing i just want to remain normal looking= )

  41. lula says:

    Thank you, Tiara. I have seen an increase in my appetite. Shadow_figure, I am also in need of biggest chest. Lawd, I dont know how I went from a c cup to a -A lol. After I had my son, I was at 135 lbs and damn, I liked it. I mean I filled out my jeans, I had a nice cleavage..the only thing I didnt like was the gut. I have realized that I have been doing too much cardio so I’m cutting down on that and lift heavy more often (4x/week). I am eating more now and I cant tell you how happy I would be to be back at 130-135. I’ll be checking this blog to see everyone else’s progress :).

  42. A says:

    Just started maca root Organic the brand is called VeGa : 750mg so I will take 2 a day and try the squats and leg lifts and hopefully see some results soon: I will keep you guys posted

  43. Brittany says:

    Hi, hoping this blog is still active as there hasn’t been any comments on it in a couple months. I’ve been taking maca for probably about 2 months now, haven’t really seen any results. I work out regularly and have a nice booty as it is, I just wanted to add to it. I started out taking the pills and didn’t notice really anything, so I bought the Gaia gelatinized maca powder recently. I do notice that my booty looks a little more plump if I consistently take it, but unfortunately I’m not always consistent with it because I find it to be a pain to have to make a smoothie every night, I just get lazy or am too busy. Do you have to take maca every single day to notice results, and this is why I’m not seeing them? Or does it just not work for my body type? Should I try another brand?

  44. vanessa says:

    Is there a way of gettin maca into Nigeria.its needed here.am a 35-27-35 shaped woman.rili nid 2 add cus I aint got curves.gettin it shipped down here is very difficult.I really nid 2 get it badly.exercises aint working.help me out

  45. missV says:

    hi I just started taking maca pills to increase my hips n booty750mg NOW brand in the purple and orange bottle 90 vcaps i paid $18 n some change for my bottle i got it at GNC store I also use fish oil n vitamin e pills I take 2 caps of fish oil n 1 vitamin e cap for each butt cheek that totals 4 fish oil pills n 2 vitamin e pills then wrap myself in glad cling wrap I leave it on for 30 mins then take a shower bc the fish oil does stink I have gotten resaults from the fish oil n vitamin e I was a 33′ booty then after 2 weeks was a 34 na half I stopped doing the wraps every nite n now im back down to a 33 na half so it does work but if u stop u will loose inches i will take pics of b4 n after n let every1 know how it goes also im very small my mesurments are 34 chest 26 waist 331/2 booty 52′ tall ill keep u posted

  46. RAINEY says:

    I ordered raw maca powder off amazon. I have started off taking one tsp per day. So far just two days. i will go up to 2 next week. I must say that yes it does work on my behind. I have an adrenal body type so its pretty flat. I notice the difference. it’s plumping out. Everyone is different. My body does very well with herbs and medicines. But the only thing my body adapts very quickly so my dosage is going to have to change.This root helps with the adrenal glands,hypothalamus and therefore helps with hormone balance.

  47. lynn says:

    Hi, if you from South africa, i have the perfect local site to buy maca root powder. Called faithful to nature. They have lots of other healthy organic superfoods. No credit card needed. Would love to try it myself.

  48. Valerie says:

    Hi I REALLY want to try maca pills to increase my butt and hips but can anyone tell me if they increased in stomach size as well? And did anyone experience breakouts?

  49. Ruby says:

    hi! please I am 19 years 5ft 7inch tall waist 32 hips 36, I have a small butt and I am really unhappy with it. I have searched places and asked people for solutions, yet found nothing. I tried hip up cream but no improvement. searched online and came across here and I am really happy to see post of good results. I stay in mgbuoba, port harcourt rivers state and I don’t know where to get it. I tried shopping online but they requested for a PayPal which is not available in Nigeria. please, I need to know where to get it, cos, I really need it. my younger sis and mum have big butts except me and I have received lots of insults from guys. please I need help

  50. peckylicioux says:

    Just reading this post has given me a ray of hope, i’ve been looking for a way to grow my booty for a very long time to no avail but i came across your post yesterday but the problem is that since then i’ve been trying to place an order without success. i dont know how you’ll help me get this maca product and the chasteberry you say you also take, am kinda desperate please help.

  51. shar says:

    Hey, I just started taking Maca today… I heard a lot of positive reviews.. I’ll keep you updated every two weeks. Wish me luck!

  52. Danielle says:

    I’m 18 years old, I weigh 98 pounds and I’m 5’8. so u can probably tell based on all of that that I’m like a stick….weight gain has always been a major issue for me so I plann on taking maca not just for a nice butt and hips but an over all weight gain…does anybody know the best brand 2 use or do they all work the same?

  53. Victoria says:

    Hi Barbie , I work so hard workout my butt. Am 39 in ch butt. In using maca pill in protein shake 1x a day. But I use 3 x a day maca pill. I workout 3x a week. With donkey kick 5, 10 , 15, and now 20 lb. and squat 50 lb. After 4 week my butt is a same 39 1/2 inch. I so upset. Help me plssss.

  54. Abigail says:

    I got my NOW Maca Root 750 mg supplement today . I’m excited about it. I haven’t done my measurements yet but I will tonight. I’ll also comment in a month and let you all know how it’s working for me. I ordered it for a bigger butt and to balance my hormones in hopes of having my periods regulated . But anywho I do promise to comment in a month with my starting weight and measurements and my progress

  55. Kaffy says:

    I really need this maca cause of my small butt size ,am 20 from edo state benin-city.Getting maca from amazon is really a long process please i need help @BELLe. .Where can i get this product in benin. I would Really appreciate your help

  56. Pearl says:

    please i want to get my maca now but i don”t know which to chose, am 20 years old and blessed with big boobs n flat butt. “I SERIOUSLY NEED A BIG BUTT VERY BIG” i just want to make sure taking mace wont increase my boobs.

  57. Tasha says:

    hello ladies
    where can i get maca root in south africa?please help i really need it for my butt and breast please help…

  58. Kris says:

    I am 5’4″ 114lbs with a petite bone frame. Needless to say I am far from hippy but as a hispanic I do have a nice plump booty. I am trying to fill out my hips for a curvier look. I workout everyday, concentrating on legs and glutes twice a week. Through my research I came across Maca Root. I bought pills today (8/13/2014) and took my first dosage. The bottle says take 1 capsule a day containing 535mgs of maca root. Everyone seems to say that in order to see results you should be taking 1500mgs a day. I am going to start slow and increase my dosage to avoid any negative side effects. With the one dose I took, I am energetic, alert, and focused. I feel GREAT!!! I was able to go harder at the gym than I have ever gone before. I hope this does help in my curvey journey. I’ll keep you posted.

  59. Maya says:

    Ok so after reading this I am ready to buy and try! All this year I have been suffering terribly do to my IBS and hormone imbalance. I went from a happy 160 to struggling to stay above 90 pounds. But what hurts me the most is the fact that I lost my husband’s prize- my booty! He has planned a month long vacation in January so I am challenging myself to gain weight by then. The maca is goin to b apart of my everyday regiment. This article gave me the push to do it ; )

    • Belle says:

      Hi Rosey, I have heard of red maca root but have not used it. I have read that red maca root is supposed to be a better grade, but in my opinion, the white powder maca can be just as effective. If you do try the red maca root let us know how it works out for you.

  60. Mary says:

    Hello. I just stared taking gaia maca root 2 days ago. All day today I have felt like I have been doing squats even though I haven’t done anything. I’m guessing my muscles in that area are absorbing the maCA root. Going to work out and see how it does. But I definitely feel it.

  61. LaKeisha says:

    I would like to know has anyone tried any topical Maca root? I am currently 230 pounds 5 foot 7 very curvy like pear shaped. However, due to weight gain my buttocks has “dropped” to my hips so it looks very flat. I have begun working out doing 30 minutes a day workout to get back in shape. I don’t want to gain any weight I would just like to apply to my rear anyone ever tried the Maca soap on Amazon?

      • LaKeisha says:

        Have you heard of anyone using the Maca root soap and getting results? or ANY topical Maca root? I weigh 230 pounds 5’7″ I have a pear shape and because of weight gain my buttocks sits on my hips so I prefer not to take them but rather put it directly on the target area:-/

        • Belle says:

          Hi LaKeisha, I have never heard anything about maca root soap and I’ll keep it real with you, applying maca topically is not going to help you gain weight on a specific area. The human body does not work that way. How your body fat is deposited is based on factors such as genetics, hormonal levels and bone structure.

  62. Trish says:

    I want to use this maca product to get a bigger ass and butt but i dont knw the Best brand are where to get it in jamaica.

  63. Esta says:

    I started taking maca 3 days ago, my oh my…the libido surge is too much. I have already grown a half inch on both butt and boobs.
    A down side is that I have started spotting too 🙁 I am off maca for sometime for my body to get used to it. I will be back, I definitely love the energy, good mood and beautiful skin.
    The libido – I am even dreaming having sex..not a good thing for a single girl :-0

    • Belle says:

      Hi Esta…your dreaming comment had me in tears laughing, too funny 🙂 Sounds like overall you had a great experience with maca root 🙂 The spotting is a result of change in hormonal levels and this could mean your dosage was pretty high or your body is simply getting used to the supplement. Please update us on your progress.

      • Esta says:

        Lol….I have been taking 2 500mg pills. Is 1000mg too hgh?
        Also I took a plan b emergency contraceptive like a week ago. Could be the mixture of the two (synthetic and natural hormones) is confusing my body.
        Girl, the dreams are crazy.
        Yesterday was a bad day too.. .. a real hot guy started speaking to me and my organs went on fire- literally. I knew right then I need help!!
        I love the good mood though, nothing is upsetting me, absolutely nothing!! Ooh and my boobs are perky!! Only 72 hours later..lol..

        • Belle says:

          Hi Esta, 2500mg is a very high dosage, way over the daily maximum recommended amount which is 1500 mg. Also, I would be cautious about combining supplement like maca with a contraceptive, it might reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive. I advise that you consult with your physician to get their approval on taking the supplement especially given high dosage amount you’re taking. That’s if you haven’t done so already. Keep me posted

          • Esta says:

            Thanks girl.
            I was taking two 500mg pills per day I.e. 1,000 m.g. so I guess I am,good on the dosage.
            Yes, will be seeing a gynae soon.

  64. Keza says:

    Ihavent tried macs before will try it used to have abig but but after the birth of my first born idid some perennial tightening exercises wrongly for almost ayear and my booty disappeared from down bellow and I became flat and some went up on the upper part of my but my God!so inever realized it was the exercises cause I put on some weight until my mum asked me what happened to my nice rounded booty!!!istopped talking the exercises lost the weight but even today’s my booty had afunny deformed shape can meca help andcan the exercises for lifting the booty help

    • Belle says:

      Hi Keza, I hear this comment all the time. Women have a baby and their body proportions change. It is very typical. Your body goes through all kinds of changes after pregnancy, a lot of it hormonal. But you can get your booty back. From what I’ve read and researched, maca can help. But you’ll need to combine it with the right butt lifting and toning exercises. In the meant time there are many butt lifters that you can buy and wear under your garments while your working on reshaping your body. You can find some HERE.

  65. Keza says:

    Hey having said soo much about butts&hips how about legs??imean lg calves ?is there acute or solution for skinny legs coz ithink my calves are under developed and when ihad abig bootysomehow my legs were un proportional to my booty can meca help iknow exercises can help get muscled calves idont want those or is there any surgery to enlarge leg calves like they do breasts???plz Belle do reply to this and plz research on it thanks

    • Belle says:

      Hi Keza, please see my earlier reply. I don’t think you need to resort to any painful surgeries to achieve the goal you mentioned. With the proper exercise you can increase the size of your calves and even have the desired body shape you want. We are working on putting together fitness plans that can help you achieve a body type that is sexy, toned and proportional, I would suggest subscribing HERE because we’ll be sending out emails once the plans launch. Thanks 🙂

  66. Keza says:

    Iknow you said our bodies shapes are genetically inherited but can hormone imbalance be a cause in having a un proportional body like as in skinny legs

    • Belle says:

      Hi Keza, that’s an interesting question. There’s really no way to pin point what causes body proportions as there’s a wide variety of reasons. Hormones has a lot to do with it, so in that regard, yes hormonal fluctuations can alter body proportions. For something as specific as skinny legs, there’s really no way to tell. Good new is that there are ways to build your calf muscles and make them less ‘skinny’. You’ll need to consistently do calf exercises. We are working on putting together fitness plans that can help you achieve a body type that is sexy, toned and proportional, I would suggest subscribing HERE because we’ll be sending out emails once the plans launch. Thanks 🙂

  67. Denise says:

    Hello is there a specific eating guide when taking maca and trying to gain weight as well as hips, breast, and butt

  68. CS says:

    Hi I saw you said you gained 30 lbs over the years..is that because of the Maca? I read through the comments but I didn’t see this question. Sorry if you’ve already answered it. I Started Maca today and cannot afford to gain any weight.

  69. jennyekwere says:

    Will maca root help with the hip width? Like the wider aspect? What about breast? I want to order but i just need a few questions answered. I tol my sister about it a week ago and shes 18. Do you know if there’s any age requirement to take this?

  70. anne says:

    Hi belle, I wanna ask question with maca..but first I wanna share my Stats,last dec2014 my measurement was 33-28-34 than this year it became 34-28-37.. but here’s the sad part I have dip on the sides of my hips which resulting to my hips are not curvy..can this maca powder or pill or both can fill in the dip there to have curvy hips…and one more thing can maca help to grow butt or you also have to have an exercise for butt to help it..thanks a lot.. I’m looking forward for your response belle,I hope you could email me your reply.. more power to you..

    • Belle says:

      Hi Anne, thank you for your comment. Here’s the honest truth, maca alone will not fill in dips in any part of your body, it can help to promote weight gain and hormonal changes in the body can lead to fat deposits in common women areas like hips, thighs and butt. What I recommend is that you fully assess your body shape and work with what you have. Perhaps try ab workouts that emphasize toning the sides of the abs to shrink your waist and therefore make your hips look more pronounced. In addition, lots of squats and lunges to lift and tone the butt and exercises that target the hip. It is my goal to release these workouts and plan very soon, so please stay tuned…

  71. Me says:

    Maca Root made me really sick. I tried 3 different brands, 2 were gelatinized which means it was cooked and is supposedly better for your digestive system. Didn’t make a world of difference to me. I became violently ill about two hours after taking these. After the third time it became clear that maca root was not for me. There are other people out there who have reacted the same as me so people should definitely proceed with caution.

    • Belle says:

      Hi there, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. To be frank, it sounds like one of two things happened 1) you received bad products 2) or you had an allergy to the supplement. Maca is a food product that has been used for thousands of years safely. From the reaction you mentioned, sounds like you were not sold an authentic product or it was expired or contaminated. It could also be that you had a reaction, which is rare but can happen.

    • Belle says:

      Hi Gina, I would not recommend any herbs that can affect hormones while pregnant or breastfeeding. Not enough studies have been done yet on safety. Best to err on the side of caution and avoid it. Thanks 🙂

  72. mercy says:

    Can I please complement maca with a bovine ovary pill and protein? For a little weight gain I have the curves the problem is I am way too skinny..squat would be necessary tho cuz I would need to tone my butt a little….please reply me via email..thanks janet

  73. mercy says:

    Can I please complement maca with a bovine ovary pill and protein? For a little weight gain I have the curves the problem is I am way too skinny..squat would be necessary tho cuz I would need to tone my butt a little….please reply me via email..thanks belle

  74. mercy says:

    Hi belle wanna know if I can complement swanson ovarian granular (bovine ovary) with swanson maca and a protein shake for a little weight gain,I have the curves tho only that I’m way too skinny for my curves to be seen,I might as well do some squats while on the pills tho so what do you suggest?? My goal is to achieve Rihannas kinda body :* :*

    • Belle says:

      Hi Mercy, just know that some of us are jealous of your predicament. My thoughts are, if your goal is weight gain you might try loading up on calories instead. Bovine ovary contain phytoestrogens which at the right dosage can potentially increase estrogen levels when they are low. Higher estrogen levels promote more feminine features like bigger breasts, hips etc. Maca on the other hand contains no phytoestrogens. Maca works by regulating hormones to normal levels. Taking both together might counter their effectiveness. If your goal is achieving balance then the two might work fine, however if you’re trying to elevate estrogen levels to boost curves then its probably best to just stick to bovine ovary and eat more. Man I wish! 🙂

  75. mercy says:

    Awwww! Thanks a lot belle darling :* …well elevating oestrogen level is my primary goal followed by weight gain 🙂 adding a few more pounds won’t be bad as well 😀 .. Soo I’d go with a bovine ovary supplement (swanson’s) and a whey protein (Met-rx) and this includes squatting and eating a lot too ,I hope and pray I achieve my goals with those two *fingers crossed*
    GOALS —> rihana or iggy kinda body

    • Belle says:

      Absolutely! I do want to add that you should be careful not to create an imbalance of excess estrogen in your system and trigger hormone related issues. While estrogen can promote higher fat deposits in the areas mentioned, an excess of it can lead to a reduction of muscle mass. Having a toned physique is just as important as gaining the curves, so exercise will be important. Also important is a good detox to help your body flush out old hormones since it is fat soluble. You don’t want those lingering around in your system. Good luck and keep us updated 🙂

  76. mercy says:

    Ok any advice on how I can detoxify? And please also wana know if flaxseed oil softgel can help reduce testosterone level in ladies??

  77. Bobs says:

    I’m really interested in gaining more weight and of course structure to my body. I currently weigh 105 lbs and is breastfeeding my 5 month old. Will it affect me negatively or my baby who is breastfeeding

    • Belle says:

      Hi Bobbe, you’ll need to see your physician to get clearance on using maca while breastfeeding. There’s not much research done on the herb for breastfeeding moms, so in my personal opinion I would avoid it for the time being. Congrats on the new bundle of joy btw! 🙂

  78. Desiree Osborn says:

    I am deaf, ask u question ok, I went to gnc store sometimes but I do have a vitamins for my health but how do with booty pills ad what I needed? I plan looking for. I just ask that all. Thks for messages u reading also helps I hoped forward. Have a nice day! Peace 🙂

  79. Christina says:

    Hello. I’m 21 and what to start taking supplements however i’m afraid it’ll make my stomach bigger. Is that true? I’m trying to lose fat there currently.

    • Belle says:

      Hi Christina, generally supplements will not cause an increase in belly fat. Your stomach will get bigger if you gain weight. If you’re taking the right supplements, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen you should be fine. Hope that helps.

      • Cherry says:

        Hi…ive been taking natures way maca root 500mg × 3 pills daily for 1 month now coupled with squats and other butt workout regimens…ive noticed slight changes in my butt…no drastic changes though…and nothing on the hips and the boobs where i wanted the most…and ive missed my period and i also have a break out…should i lower my dosage or should i stop for a while…please help

  80. Brenda says:

    From tomorrow i’m gonna lose weight. Summer is comming guys!
    Who starts with me? I found a good way in google and want to
    give it a try.

  81. Medjyne Michel says:

    Being diagnosed with pcos at 15 was like a bullet to the head for me i didn’t know what it was nor did i know what caused it but from November to august I’ve learned alot and even more after spending 3 hours on your blog ordering and reading articles thank you so much for making these articles and im thrilled that I’ve found ur blog im looking to use your products and maca root to balance my hormones and remove excess testosterone nd also grow this booty but can you please tell me how should i take macs root nd the product from ur site that contains maca (i feel like thats a confused question but idk how to word it better sorry)

  82. Kissed1 says:

    Nice Article! I started taking maca root for energy and a month later my mama kept saying my butt got bigger. I found this article and found out why! My booty is already really big so this is good information, as if finding a pair of jeans that fit isn’t hard enough already and I want to keep a good boob to butt ratio, ya know? This stuff definitely works though.

  83. marie says:

    hello belle my name is marie im 17 years old and i am really insecure about my butt size i was wondering if maca would be good for my age or is there any other recommendations for me?? please please answer back, thank you -marie

  84. mercy Apana says:

    Hello im may .ican’t reallywait to finished my maca pills i started taking maca pills a week now and i have started seeing changes on my butt.im yet to see changes on my breast and for the libido is amazing im always horny for sex and im always tempted to mastarbent when my partner is not around .sex is enjoyable these day and my partner can’t stand my butt when we are having sex from the back (dogge style ).try maca pills if u want to see curves and also some sex pleasure .well keep u updated .love u all .

  85. sheba says:

    Would love to try out the maca but cant order it through amazon because i dont have a credit cant…so how could i get it belle please..am in Jamaica

  86. Kiekie says:

    Do u get the nature way that say vegetarian capsules or the one that just say capsules please let me know witch one work for butt enchantmentg

  87. tygrr says:

    hey everybody i took the yellow meca pills for one month only one a day and my period came back after disappearing for five months. at first i thought i was going through pre-menopause because my cycle had just stopped two weeks in my cycle just came back! so ifigured ok its regulating my hormones. ok so i ran out and my friend bought me another bottle this time it was the black meca for energy. okive been taking it for twodays, today is the third day, but i have been awake all night since yesterday! im up singing and eating my breakfast which is usually a meal i dont always have. i ate 1 of the hamburgers i grilled yesterday, and a chicken potpie lol. within 15 minutes i was going to the bathroom to do a number 2 lol. im not the type who poops in the morning,and especially not right after Ieat, so that caught me by surprise lol. the bottle say take 2 in the morning n two in the evening. but iveonly been taking 1 a day and thank god cuz ive been up all night since yesterday lol

  88. Silver Delusco says:

    I’ve been taking maca for one week now, and on my 5th day taking this product, I saw changes in my butt. I combine it with butt exercises and walking too. I can’t imagine in two weeks time! Also, it makes me happy and worry less. I feel drowsy in the mornings when I take them. I sleep afterwards and when I wake up, I’m so full of energy. I am just really happy about my butt area. Maca really works. In days of taking them! I think everyone should give it a try.

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