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How to get more energy, boost endurance or increase libido is a common concern for many adults in today’s world. A big part of total body wellness is physical activity. A healthy, active life requires that you have the endurance, stamina and focus to perform various activities including having a healthy intimate life with your partner.
For some people, poor diet, being too sedentary, stress and many other factors can contribute to having a low or lack of desire for physical activity. In other to combat these various symptoms, it is important to address the basics, eating healthy and getting 30 minutes daily of regular cardiovascular exercise.
There are also a plethora of natural, holistic remedies that may be beneficial to helping you feel like the superwoman or man that you are designed to be. Some of these herbs can be found in our many endurance formulas such as IGWÉ Power, Zulu Power and KayaLove herbal teas. IGWÉ Power is specially formulated for men and KayaLove specially formulated for women.
Many of these herbs have natural traces of caffeine or have been shown to affect the body in a way that naturally stimulates energizing functions.
These herbs include
1) African Kola Nut
2) Ginseng
3) Tribulus Terrestris
4) Ashwangandha
5) Maca Root
6) Shatavari Root
7) Ginger
8) Peppermint
9) Eleuthero Root
10) Cordyceps & Shrooms
Have you tried any of these remedies? Let us know in the comment box below
$24.00 (0 reviews)

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