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CHIOMA – aspires to help our community live better lives through holistic products and services inspired by our African roots and tailored for modern lifestyle.

Dallas, Texas, USA (PR WEB) April 8, 2022 —Consumers are increasingly ways to improve their wellness with clean natural products, and CHIOMA aspires to help customers do that with its new collection of wellness herbal teas. 

The new line of teas by CHIOMA are formulated by founder, chartered herbalist and veteran wellness entrepreneur, Ebele Chioma to target and address needs of the modern lifestyle as a refreshing and healthy beverage. The collection of teas include:

  • Clear Skin, a herbal beauty tea
  • Asana Ladiesbalance, a feminine vitality tea
  • Kafé Igbo, an African speciality and energy blend
  • ùdo, a relaxation tea
  • Zoborodo, African cleansing and flat belly tea
  • Maasai Chai, a Kenyan imported chai blend
  • Maasai Power, authentic Kenyan purple tea
  • Zulu Power, a South African rooibos tea 
  • Igwé Power, libido and endurance blend for men
  • KayaLove, libido and endurance blend for women
  • Sahara Dreams, bedtime sleep tea

These tea blends are authentically sourced and packaged in the USA.

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