Kola Nut Tea & Powder


Form: Cut & sifted & powder
Origin: West Africa

Functions: Kola nut is an energizer, anti depressant and can function as a digestive bitter with carminative properties. It is an ancient and ceremonial product that has been used by West Africans to pay homage and in trade. For the Igbos of West Africa, the kola nut tree is a tree of life and has strong important value to the people. Kola nut may be beneficial as a natural remedy to address issues of fatigue*, depression*, exhaustion*, diarrheaas a metabolism boost and appetite suppressant for weight loss purposes*. In skincare infusions, kola nut can be added to cleansers or face masks to address oily, acne prone, aging skin and even as an anti cellulite.
Uses: Kola nut is versatile and can be used to make skincare infusions or cleanses. It is also suitable for culinary purposes and can be added to cereals, smoothies and other hot beverages or used to brew a tea. Kola nut can also function as a coffee substitute.

Aroma: Woodsy and bitter
Plant Part: Nut
Caution: use cautiously if caffeine senstiive
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