We are your neighborhood self care destination offering an escape space to relax, destress and restore. Our approach blends authentic remedies with modern technologies for a truly unique and rejuvenating experience.

Our services include ancient detox sauna, herbal steam, body wraps, glowing skin treatments and more! Come and leave refreshed!


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Address: 14454 Midway Road, Farmers Branch, Texas 75244

Tel: +1 469-779-7070

SPA Menu


Ọ̀má Sweat Detox Sauna (30mins | 45mins)

Ọ̀má Luxury Herbal Steam Bath (30mins | 45mins)

Dukhan Women’s Luxury Herbal V-Steam

Ọ́ché 4D Shiatsu Chair Massage & Stretch

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Sweat + Sculpt: choose (MELT & Shape Inch Loss | Melt & Smooth Anti Cellulite | Tone Up | Bubble Butt | MAX Fascia Contouring)



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Ọ̀má Glow Red Light Stim (Face | Body | Combo)

Asá Luxury Decadent Face & Body Wrap*  

Ezé Royale Men’s  Decadent Face & Body Wrap*

Asá Hammam Body Wrap Treatment with Scrub

*Choose: African Mud Wrap, Qibé Ethiopian Butter Wrap and more!

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Sweat + Glow: choose (Age-Defying | Acne-Prone | Skin Brightening | Glass Skin Glow) 

Sweat + Bronze: ( Medium | Deep | Velvet Lux – Deepest)

Sweat + Relax: Ọ̀má Sweat Infrared + Ọ́ché 4D Shiatsu Chair Massage

Iru Mgbède Experience(Asá Hammam Body Wrap + Ọ̀má Glow Combo Body + Body Melt + Beverage)

Weyba Experience (Ọ̀má Glow Combo Body + Body Melt + Dukhan Full Steam + Beverage)

Igwē Man Cave Experience -(Ezé Royale + Ọ́ché + Beverage)


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Enhancers (Add-on)

Hands | Feet Softening

SWEAT Enhancer Gel

Dry Brush

Cryo Cold Wrap

Asá Body Melt

Dukhan Foot Steam (with V-Steam)

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Different membership tiers: Join the tribe! Become a VIP member

SILVER Lite Member: once a week access to 30 min basic sweat + LED Facial, Oché – $79/mos

DIAMOND Member: unlimited access to 30 min basic sweat + LED Facial, Oché – $159/mos

GOLD Member: unlimited access to basic 30 $45 min sweat + LED Facial +  Oché +  Steam Bath + Complimentary wine and beverage with each visit- $249/mos

BLACK CARD Member: unlimited access to basic sweat + LED face glow, unlimited Oché, unlimited Steam Bath + 1x month V-Steam + 1x a week Sweat & Sculpt (Max Fascia not included) + 1x/month Sweat & Bronze + Complimentary wine and beverage with each visit – $399/mos

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Packed to order. Local delivery available with our delivery partners.

Herbal Teas

Zoborodo – African Cleanse & Flat Belly Tea $4.50

Clear Skin BeauTea – Anti Blemish Detox $5.50

Kafé IGBO – Decadent Kolanut Cocoa Tea $5.50

Igwē Power – African Kola Libido Tea (M) $6.50

Maasai Power: Kenyan Chai & Purple Tea $5.50

KHOI KHOI: South African Red Bush Tea $5.50

KayāLOVE – African Libido Spice Tea (F) $5.50

Ùdo – Relaxation Tea $4.50

Asana LadiesBalance – Cycle & FertiliTea $5.50

Ulọma- Refreshing Berry & ImmuniTea Tonic $9.00

Serengeti Dreams – African Nourishing Tea $5.50



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Kafé HabeshaEthiopian Wellness Coffee 

Kafé Rwanda Aromatic Wellness Coffee 

Kafé ToubaSenegalese Spiced Coffee 


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Herbal Tonics 

Refreshing, healthy and delicious elixirs.

Ikengà – Energy Blend

Igwē – Men’s Vitality Blend – Kola + Tribulus + Ginger

Ifēoma – Women’s Balance & Vitality – Red raspberry + Nettle + Ginger

Mmā Elixir – Beauty Blend

Èbelè – Refreshing Greens Blend

Ulọma – Wellness and Immune Blend

Afọ – Firm & Flat Tummy Blend

Idemìli – Detoxifying Blend

Utọ – Liquid Aphrodisiac

Gòlibè –  Kava Natural High

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+ Enhancers

Garcinia KolaWeight Loss +$2

Cacao – Superfood +$2

AshwagandhaAdaptogen/ Stress Calm +$3/shot

GinsengAphrodisiac & Energy +$2

Collagen(grass fed beef) beauty & age defying +$4

Erọ ShroomsImmune & Wellness +$4

Nnu Mili – sea salt

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Esteemed guests and family, it is my honor to welcome you to the CHIOMA Total Body Space! Our mission is bringing a selfcare oasis to the busy urban lifestyle. We aspire to be your 3rd space for renewal, restoration, wellbeing and community. Inspired by my African roots and our wellness rituals using steam, herbs, exotics oils, botanicals to detoxify, relax and beautify the body. We look forward to serving you.

– Ebele Chioma, Esthetician, Chartered Herbalist & Wellness Alchemist

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