Refresh with a


Decompress with a therapeutic sauna spa session at CHIOMA Spa. Our sauna spa is reminiscnet of ancient bath house concept using dry heat, smoke bath or vapor to bring healing  to the body.


  • Detoxification 
  • Weight Loss
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Pain Relief
  • Clear Skin 
  • Anti Aging

the sweat baths

Step 1:

Prepare for your visit. Eat a light meal. It’s very important to be properly hydrated. Bring a water bottle. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Bring along a bathing suit or change of clothes. Many use their sweat sessions as quiet time for sleep and rest but you are welcome to bring your headphones/earpods, favorite podcast, meditation to listen to while in session.

Step 2:

Choose between Ọ̀má Detox Wrap, Ọ̀má Cave Infrared, Ọ̀má Cave Steam, and Dukhan Women’s Vsteam.

Step 3:

Customize your sweat with service enhancers or layer your service with a light therapy facial, ice sculpting, chair massage or reflexology. Our CHIOMA concierge will be happy to make recommendations. 

Step 4:

Finish with a refreshing cup of herbal tea.

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Restore with 

sculpting & firming

Enhance your outer beauty and give yourself a confidence boost with body restoration services. Choose from slimming body wraps, ice sculpting, skin tightening, wood therapy, lymphatic treatments and advanced ultrasonic contouring. 

  • Non Invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Lunchtime Treatments
  • Excellent Results
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Maintain with 

Upkeep facial & wax

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready by maintaining your outer glow and silky smooth skin. Our facial, glowing skin wraps and waxing services are here to keep you looking fresh. 

  • Essential Facials
  • Skin firming and Lifts
  • Glowing Skin Body Wraps
  • Body Waxing and Brow Services
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Relax with

healing touch

Support your inner and outer beauty with relaxation services to soothe and calm the body and mind. Choose from: 

  • 4D Shiatsu Chair Massage
  • Ọ̀má Soothe Reflexology & Lymphatic
  • Asa Luxury Relaxation Wrap
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Take it to the next level

Curated Experiences & luxury packages

Elevate your self care with our curated packages and luxury services. Explore pre built packages for birthday treat, ladies night out, bridal showers, solo retreat and more.

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Make It A Ritual. Become A Member

“take care of your body. it’s the only place you have to live.”

Stay healthy, beautiful and confident with a CHIOMA self care membership starting at $29/month

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Le Ann W.

My Chioma Spa membership has given me an affordable and accessible way to stay on top of my self care. I’ve loved doing the sauna and sculpting every week and recently upgraded to include the sculpting services. From the customer service to the ambiance, I’ve been extremely pleased with my experience.