Shea Butter for the Face, How to Use for Fighting Blemishes and Glowing Skin

Most everyone on the planet has heard of shea butter, but many people are unaware of this extraordinary beauty butter and how it can be used as a superb skin care cream in your daily regimen.

Unfortunately, not every shea butter product is sourced ethically or kept in a pure formula as it is extracted from the nut of the karite tree. Some shea butter makers do not filter the butter to get rid of impurities, but here at BeautyMadeFresh, we are proud of the amazing unrefined shea butter products we put out there for the public. Ours is “100-percent Natural Grade A Shea Butter from Africa with Love.”

Genuine African Shea Butter is the real deal and a superior skin care product for the face due to its incredible vitamins, nutrients, nourishing properties and unique healing abilities.

The rows and rows of jars and bottles you see in the drugstore aisle for skin care are almost endless and offer you plenty to choose from, but these products are rarely natural. Our 5-star unrefined shea butter for the face contains natural vitamins A and E, two brilliant components needed for a youthful, healthy, radiant and clear complexion.

In addition, our unrefined shea butter means that the products you are purchasing have these special benefits:

  • Chemical-free during the processing
  • Creamy soft, melts into the skin
  • Higher nutrient content
  • Better natural healing elements

An enviable complexion is something we all desire, but achieving great-looking skin is not always easy to attain. Our Grade A shea butter from the African Savannah makes a powerful anti blemish, anti aging and healing face cream.

When processed properly, African shea butter will deliver a clear complexion, unclog pores and unleash its precious anti-inflammatory effects. The butter penetrates deeply into the skin to halt scar formation and to heal skin damaged from breakouts or other blemishes.

Shea butters that have not been filtered to remove impurities can actually cause acne to develop on some people. BeautyMadeFresh has taken care of the precise processing to offer an all-natural formula that retains its skin care nutrients.

Another fine asset of our premium Grade A shea butter is in its active ingredients. This beauty butter creates movement deep into the pores, and as the American Shea Butter Institute explains, shea butter has the ability to spur micro-circulation to the skin.

This blood flow increase serves to encourage circulation and enhance cellular nourishment and detoxification. Shea butter’s unique composition of vitamins and nutrients are able to stimulate the microcirculatory structures in the skin. What that means is skin that is deeply nourished and radiant with consistent and dedicated use.

Who wouldn’t a natural glow with more even skin tone? Our healing shea butter for the face is a luxe skin care treatment that won’t break the bank. Not only can shea butter help control the onset of acne, sun spots, pigmentation issues and repair the complexion with clean pores, but it offers just the right amount of moisture to maintain supple and dewy skin. The butter also is a possess powerful anti-aging properties and long term use of high quality shea butter may help improve and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

African shea butter from BeautyMadeFresh is also excellent for those challenged with eczema. Our top-notch butters provide wonderful hydration for skin with eczema. There are zero chemicals to upset the delicate balance that goes with this skin care issue, and our 5-star unrefined shea butter returns soothing moisture to dry cracked skin. It is able to stop the itching and inflammation commonly associated with eczema and to offer relief and healing.

Let’s be honest; we can all develop a better complexion at any age when the proper and effective skin care routines are followed. We happen to believe our premium shea butter for the face is an exquisite beauty butter that delivers real, noticeable results for a healthy and youthful complexion.

Some companies cut corners, but here at BeautyMadeFresh, we’re all about the natural goodness, thoughtful purification and filtration processes in making our shea butter.

The shea nut tree is an extraordinary gift from nature, and the name “karite” also holds significance. It means “The Tree of Life,” and here at BeautyMadeFresh, we couldn’t agree more.

Please check out our beauty brand, and see for yourself. Once you try our shea butter, you’ll never go back.

Have you used and loved shea butter for the face? Please share your experience in the comment box below and let us know how it worked for you.

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