There are many excuses we can give for not exercising and staying in shape. One, of course, is that as adult life kicks in and we have less and less free time of our own we simply do not have the time to go on long distance runs.

Our income becomes less and less of our own as we start families and gym memberships, or even home workout equipment, can cost an arm and a leg – it’s simply not financially possible to put aside money for exercising. Well not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of simple exercises to do at home.

Simple exercises that you can do at home

Thankfully it is possible, with a bit of imagination, to be able to partake in workouts at home without having to invest lots of money on your own equipment!

Shoulder Press
One of the best object to utilize in a home work out routine is a chair. In addition to a chair, all you will need for this next set of workouts are some appropriate clothes to work out in, a pair of trainers and the desire and motivation to stick at a routine!

Chair stands

Chair stands are one of the most simple ways to get started and are perfect for toning the muscles in the leg.

  1. You begin the exercise by simply sitting down
  2. Rise to your feet and sit back down ten times.
  3. Whilst this sounds deceptively non-taxing, the repetitions of the movement will become exhausting for those who need to work on their cardiovascular and, once ten reps no longer causes a problem.
  4. It is possible to increase the amount of times the exercise is done so as to increase difficulty and intensity.

Sitting knee extensions

Leg Exercise on a Chair
A second, only slightly more complicated, exercise that can be done to improve strength in the leg is an exercise known as Sitting Knee Extensions.

  1. To perform this, begin the exercise once more by sitting in the chair – for perfect form it is imperative to begin with your feet about a shoulder’s width away from each other.
  2. From this position, lift one of your legs off whilst keeping the other foot on the ground and the other leg static.
  3. The raised leg should be lifted until it becomes parallel with the floor and is held out at a straight angle from the body – hold this position for a few seconds – something that should make you aware of the ligaments and muscles in the legs that are being used to perform this action.
  4. Once this has been done, relax and place your leg back on the floor before repeating a further nine times, then swapping legs for ten reps.
  5. As you get better at this exercise it is similarly possible to increase the amounts of sets or reps you do so as to work out your legs more.

Standing chair squat

The final, and probably most taxing, of the chair exercises is called the Standing Chair Squat.

  1. You begin by standing behind a chair.
  2. Whilst holding on to the back of the chair to increase balance and stability, place your feet once more at shoulders width away from each other and point them sideways away from the body.
  3. It is important to maintain the back in a straight position whilst slowly bending the knees. Keep on bending until the body has reached a squatting position with the thighs parallel to the floor.
  4. Hold this position for a few seconds to really feel the burn in the back of your legs before slowly straightening the leg to return to the original standing position.
  5. Repeat this for nine more reps and increase the amount of sets or repetitions as you become more confident in your endurance.

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