Besides the normal daily multivitamin, a lot of people will purchase supplement products in reaction to a particular condition or symptom that they experience. I get many emails with questions on what supplements to purchase for skin issues like acne, facial hair growth or low energy.

Usually my first response is ‘tell me a bit more about your eating and overall lifestyle habits.’ Why? Because the goal is to get the big picture of how you care for yourself and start the process of getting to the root cause.

Our body is highly interconnected and it is not unusual for the symptoms that we experience to be stemming from a completely different part of the body. So when we purchase wellness products based solely on symptoms we might be targeting the wrong problem and may not get the results we are looking for.

Instead of focusing on specific symptoms alone, look at the body holistically and try to learn and understand the deeper issue that could be driving the problem. This requires that we take time to understand our bodies, really listen to what it tells us, understand our genetics, analyze our lifestyle habits and make sure we are doing what’s necessary to take care of our health. ‘Your health is real wealth’.

For a lot of women who are prone to hormone disorders, the first step in uncovering the root cause is to determine what type of imbalance. We’ve put together a short and simple informational quiz that can guide you through answering those questions. Find the quiz HERE.

If you’re still on the search for the right products, we’ve also put together a short, simple quiz to help you narrow your search. You can also reply to this email with any questions your may have or contact ushere.