Top 5 Herbs for Women

In the previous email we continued the series choosing the right products and regimen for your wellness goal. I talked about the number one mistake most people make when shopping for supplement products. In case you missed it, you can see the article HERE

So we continue on with part 3 of the series and in today’s email I want to talk about the top 5 herbs for women’s health that you should know about.

As a herbalist, I am constantly studying the healing benefits of plants from different regions and different modalities such as traditional western remedies and Ayurveda. I was introduced into the world of herbs during my mid twenties  after nearly a decade of being on the pill. I wanted a natural alternative to manage the hormonal issues I was experiencing at the time. I was shocked at how well the herbs worked, it became an area of interest for me which I continue to learn and study everyday.

A lot of my research is centered around herbs that are traditionally used to enhance women’s natural health. Many of these herbs were discovered and used many years ago by the indigenous people in varying cultures.

Long before we had medical school and commercially produced drugs from pharmaceutical companies, the midwives, our wise women and traditional healers used herbs in abundance to treat and manage many diseases and disorders.

In herbal medicine, plants are classified based on the type of effect they have on the body. Tonics are herbs that have been shown to tone and strengthen certain areas of the body. Below are the 5 top herbal tonics for women.

1) Shatavari
2) Vitex
3) Maca
4) Red raspberry
5) Licorice

In our ASANA by LadiesBalance supplement, we’ve combined shatavari, vitex and maca with green tea and galangal a member of the ginger family, making it a powerhouse blend for women’s health. Licorice has shown a lot of promise for its potential countering high levels of male hormones in women. It may be beneficial to women who are prone to conditions such as acne and hirsutism that often signal overproduction of these male hormones.

Our Spearmint Beauty & Balance (BB) Tea combines licorice with spearmint, green tea and white peony to further enhance its benefits.

In the next email, we’ll continue with the series on choosing the right products by looking at what we can do to maximize effectiveness of natural remedies and what you might be doing wrong.

If you’re still on the search for the right products, we’ve also put together a short, simple quiz to help you narrow your search. You can also reply to this email with any questions your may have or contact us here.