Good habits for clear skin:

1) Do change pillow sheets at least once a week. If possible use white, cotton sheets that way it is easy to see when they are dirty

2) Do keep hair away from your face

3) Do avoid touching your face to avoid the spread of bacteria

4) Do cleanse your face at least 2x a day but do not over cleanse as this can dry out your ski and cause a leathery, wrinkled face (not a good look).

5) Do drink at least 48oz or more of water a day

6) Do eat healthy and exercise. Cut out the junk foods, excessively greasy or fatty foods.

7) Do check your makeup and skincare ingredients to make sure they do not contain pore clogging or acne promoting ingredients. For more information on which cosmetic ingredients to avoid, check out this post HERE.

8 ) Do not use harsh or too abrasive products on your face, it will only worsen the condition. Remember the skin on the face is much more delicate than on the rest of your body.

9) Do not use products aggressively in hopes that they will work faster, it may only worse conditions. Be gentle with your skin.

10) Do incorporate a natural antiseptic like tea tree oil into your skin care regiment to help keep bacteria at bay.

11) Do invest in quality skin care products (not necessarily high-end brands), your face is too important to try and cut corners. Remember you get what you pay for.

12) Do invest in a good exfoliating treatment to help shed dead skin cells and promote new skin growth.

13) Do not try to do agressive chemical peels or treatments at home, the risks far outweigh the rewards especially with individuals of darker skin tones due to the high risks of hyper-pigmentation. Leave it up to the professionals.

14) This one I am especially guilty of and it is too tempting, but please DO NOT pick or try to pop pimples, this will only heighten the risks of deeper dermis damage and scarring.

15) Do change facial towels every other day if possible. Keep a good stack of these and if possible use white facial towels so that you can easily tell when they are dirty.

16) Do use a facial moisturizer even if you have oily skin, there’s nothing worse than flaking, leathery skin that’s still oily. Not using a moisturizer will not slow down the oil production but in fact make it worse as your skin will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. Instead look for a light moisturizer, oil-free and with ingredients like kaolin clay, rice powder and bentonite clay.

17) Do wear a sunscreen and yes darker skin tones do need sunscreen too.

18) For moderate to severe acne, do seek medical advice from a physician as acne can also be caused by hormonal imbalances and other medical issues that may require further treatments.

19) Do reduce stress levels as this can actually cause or worsen blemishes.

20) Finally Do not let your blemishes hold you back or stop you from living and experiencing life to the fullest. Remember, a happy and vibrant personality will far outshine any blemishes. Plus an easy way to achieve a beautiful, glow to the skin is to laugh and be happy!


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