Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. Let me guess you landed here searching for natural ways to deal with one of the many #femaleproblems like out of balance hormones, inconsistent cycles, fibroids, thinning hair, painful periods, hormonal acne, mood swings or low energy levels.

Or perhaps you’re struggling to lose weight, get a smaller waistline, fight off the carb and sugar cravings or build curves in all the right areas. Or maybe you were like me years ago, struggling with severe cystic acne and trying to find natural ways to get your skin under control?

Well you got here for a reason and you are not alone.

As women, we have unique needs that impact our wellness and fitness goals. And it can be described in one word. Hormones.

Your hormones can be your best friend or worst enemy

Our hormones play a major role on how we feel on a daily basis. When things are haywire, it could mean a myriad of symptoms. Toxins, stress, the foods we eat, chemicals in our everyday products are just a few things that can make our systems go out of whack. That’s why we must be careful about what we put into our bodies and make sure the products we use are #hormonefriendly.

When we are in balance, it shows. The good news is that we can harness the healing powers of nutritious foods and herbs to take charge of our lives and our health.


What we are about

We are a website geared exclusively to women’s health, a community, distributor and online retailer of natural wellness products that are sourced from clean, wholesome ingredients. We take pride in products that are free of GMO’s, gluten, eco-sourced and made in the USA.

Our blends are based on traditional healing formulas. We take pride in products that are free of cheap and unnecessary fillers, preservatives or extra additives that can alter the effectiveness of the products. We do not cut corners. Our focus is on products that work. We are not only distributors but also users of the products.

Our reviews

With thousands of products sold, a growing customer base and rave reviews, we’ve built up a reputable following that illustrates our dedication to delivering the best customer experience.

Life changing!

Now on to the product: Just prior to ordering these, I had a 2cm cyst, in diameter, inside my right ovary with small follicular cysts inside both of my ovaries. I could feel those demon babies gurgling and causing me pain. They really drain your energy. After three weeks of taking this product I had an ultrasound done. They were all gone. I have not been cyst free since, well, prior to getting these health conditions. Naturally, I got teary-eyed. Freaking amazing feeling to hear the words “no cysts.” LOL. It’s been two months now and I’ve noticed that I feel more balanced. My acne is pretty much gone, and I’ve had acne since I was 9, my stress level has lowered, and I don’t have as much brain fog.

Helped with fertility

I have been taking asana ladies balance for a couple of months now and love the results! Ladies balance helped to increase my fertility and I just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant 🙂

I have bad hormonal acne and this has helped subside my acne. I wanted to know if this product was still safe to take while pregnant? I have a doctors appointment next week and was also going to ask.


Helps with my mood

I couldn’t be happier with this supplement. I’ve noticed a difference in my ability to maintain my emotional equilibrium while taking it, and I definitely can tell if I miss a few days!” 

Highly recommended!!

I’ve only been taking this for 2 days so far and already I feel a change in me for the better. I don’t know how well this works for PCOS overall yet but I do know that my body just feels energized and revitalized since day 1 of consuming this product. I know for a fact I’m buying this again and it’s probably going to be a staple for me. I’m thankful for it.

This stuff is Amazing

Amazing! So where do I begin, this stuff works great to regulate my cycle and overall I feel more energy. Love it, will be ordering more for sure!